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These are my Walruses. Their names are Abbott (purple sweater) and Costello (gold sweater). Thank you Sanne for the adorable Walrus Sweaters!


Hey! I'm a site mod, so if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to PM. If you're a new player and reading this, WELCOME! I'm unbelievably excited that you're here! Answering your queries is a big part of my function here, so please don't think you're being a bother. Just PM!

Unfortunately, I don't really RP much anymore. If you're someone I used to RP with, I still love you and would love to hear from you, but life does what life does. :) When I can be here, I would rather focus my energy on moderating and community building.

I've gone ahead and made most of my characters anonymous. Find one and I'll give you a treat!

Thanks to the awesome Highjinx for this cool translation.
Kana: ベンジャミン
Kanji: 弁惹民
弁- ben (articulate)
惹- ja (attractive)
民- min (people)

Want to know a little more about me? Alright then!
Location: Idaho U.S, but I'll always be from Canada.
Profession: Full-time writer and content marketing specialist. Former freelance theatre lighting and sound technician.
Hobbies: Writing, gaming, roleplaying, reading, photography.

Current games and usernames!

PS4 tag: Steeletype
Not really doing many multiplayer games right now x:


Skype: fearthefurryhats

Ben's Characters

Ben either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Ben is such an awesome dude. I'm so happy to have met him through RP. I've known him for what feels like forever and he's someone I always look forward to roleplaying with. As a person, he's sweet, understanding and so very funny. On top of that, he's creative and eloquent. Seriously his posts always blow me away and he inspires ME to roleplay better. Do I even need to tell you to RP with him? DO ITTTTT! - Lolitaris
I'm sure it has been said before, again and again, but Ben is one of my absolute favorite RPers. There is a reason people are vocal about just how great of a player he is! His skills are masterful and so well done it's unreal! You will adore each interaction asmuch as I do, I guarantee it! - Jenamore

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