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✧ Characters:
Ash Lynx {Anime: Banana Fish}
Mizu {Adaption: Blue Eye Samurai}

☆ About Me ☆

Nicknames: Berry, Amaryllis, Mizuki, Cherryberry, Star, JJ, Cherry

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Demisexual

Romance: Panromantic

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Patronus: Lioness

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Star Sign: Scorpio

Rising Sign: Sagittarius

Interests: Sketching, Rollerskating, Animals, Food, Bubble Tea, Singing, Dancing, Reading, Friends (The Show), The Boys (YouTube), Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Mean Girls, Heathers and many more to come!

▪︎I do not accept random friend requests without having a conversation first.

Facts About Me:
•Type 1 Diabetic
•Cat named Simba ^>~<^


☆ Roleplay ☆


Angelica: 0/2
Ariel: 2/2
Ilaria-Dawn: 1/2
Mei: 2/2
Nari: 1/2

Closed For New Roleplays

Please tell me if you are no longer interested in roleplaying. I won't be offended.

Writing Style
I write in past tense, third person and can be descriptive and detailed when motivated! I do make mistakes alot with my writing, especially when I'm tired. I usually write the same length as the other person as well. I like torturing my characters, don't judge me.
I do multiple romances for different AUs.
All of my characters have a NSFW page, so minors, DNI simple!

Roleplay Preferences:


✧NSFW With A Plot - 18+ Only


✧Medieval/Victorian Times







I Do NOT Roleplay:

✧Furry Roleplays

Anonymous Characters - Unless I know the Creator

✧One Liners

✧Main Character Deaths

✧Plotless NSFW



✧Certain Kinks (Message me if you are wanting to know for our roleplay)

☆ Roleplay Example: One ☆

Ariel seemed to giggle at his nervousness, covering her mouth with her hand to muffle the noise coming out of her, not wanting the poor man to be embarrassed at himself. She found it quite cute at how nervous he had gotten at the nickname, but she couldn't help but feel like he wasn't comfortable with the nickname at all. Maybe she should try asking him next time if she could use that nickname again.

"Likewise," Ariel then headed to her apartment with the help of the doorman, hearing the door close behind her which made her sigh. Though her cheeks grew a bright pink, making the white-haired woman cover them with her frail hands, giggling as she remembered the day she went through. She enjoyed it. A lot. And it made her seem more bashful and innocent.

Though that soon ended once she heard the floorboards creak, the smell of gas lingering in the air which caused her to back up against the door, trying to open it but quickly found it had been locked from the inside, and only a key was used to lock it. Did someone managed to slip behind her? Suddenly, she felt the barrel of a gun aimed at her forehead, her breath hitching as a quiet gasp passed through her. Her fight or flight started to kick in as her heart thumped in her ears, having the need to escape her body and jump out. Her palms began to sweat yet she held her breath in and had almost forgotten how to breathe, which caused Ariel to cough continuously not just from her, but also because of the gas.

"My, my. A caged little bird seems to be flying around whenever she likes." A familiar male voice purred through his weak, Italian accent. "Does the little bird not respect my wishes enough?"

"Riccardo..." Ariel managed to force out without having the need to vomit. God, she was shaking...

"Do you want a reminder of what happens when you disobey me?" Riccardo growled, pushing the barrel of the gun further onto her forehead which caused Ariel to drop to the floor in fear. "It seems there is a gas leak in your apartment. Oh my, who could have done that? Let's get you out of here, shall we?" He bent down and swooped her over his shoulder, kicking the door down and dropping Ariel onto the tiled floor near the desk of the doorman. "I would take you out of here, but I've got a tight schedule and wouldn't want to disrupt it. Ciao, my little bird." He took off after dropping a match to the floor next to her apartment door, causing the apartment to burst into flames.

Ariel managed to reach the entrance in time before the fire seemed to cause the apartment to detonate, which made the doorman and Ariel to be thrown out of the apartment block by the explosion as the building erupted into flames as well, causing the two to become unconscious in an instant. Within minutes, police, fireman and ambulances surrounded them, blocking both ends of the street for no one to interrupt the scene.

── •✧• ──

☆ Roleplay Example: Two ☆

Angelicas' heart quickened in pace as she saw the familiar look in his eyes, one that she had seen before in people who were touch deprived and longed for just one simple touch. She didn't expect to see that from him, not at all. For a man like him, she thought he would have someone by his side, even in secret to give him that same touch. But it didn't seem so. Though she found it cute that he seemed to like her touch. He would have told her to not touch him from the beginning, so she presumed that he would let her be to do as she pleased. To see that look in his eyes, it sort of pained her in a way, knowing exactly how it felt to be turned away from something that needed to be given to a person.

When the car began to move, her eyes caught sight of his neighbours land, tilting her head slightly as she wondered how these people get this kind of money to afford a place like this. She figured that a good paying job would have done the trick. And opportunities of course. What a wonderful neighbourhood to be in. It seemed to be a quiet one at that as well as pleasant and content. Her attention was now on him, listening to him and occasionally nodding a few times. "You're a wonderful person, and I do wish some people come to their senses with how sweet you are, especially to me."

Then she wholeheartedly smile towards him, tucking a strand of her hair behind her small ear, her cheeks slightly flushed. "I try my best to be a good person for everyone and myself. There are times," she fiddled with the sleeves again, seeming to like the touch of the soft fabric, bobbing her head down slightly to catch a whiff of the scent of cinnamon, "that I can be not the greatest person to be around. Though I'm sure everyone has those times." She rested her head back against the head rest afterwards, enjoying the warmth of the sun that hit her face.

Though her eyes lit up at the word "mall," leaning toward him, arm brushing against his as she held his arm gently with her hand, eyes wide with excitement. "The mall? We're really going to one?" Her voice chirped, seeming a little more higher than it normally was, but that was only because she seemed more happier than before. Angelica had never been inside a mall before, let alone near one. She had heard of the many stores that were in one big area, and the small pop up stores in the middle of everything. Her clothes were always bought by a servant or someone she was working for. Never did she have the chance to go inside a shop let alone a mall.



☆ Random ☆

Games I Play:
•Call of Duty
•Dead by Daylight
•Among Us
•Animal Crossing
•Little Nightmares
•Mario Deluxe 8

Gamer Tag:
•XBox | Amaryllis#6802

Friend Code:
•Nintendo Switch: SW-1511-7571-0048




Animes That I Love:
❥Studio Ghibli Movies
❥Emotional Romance Animes :,(
❥Death Note
❥B the Beginning
❥Ride Your Wave
❥Wolf Children
❥Sailor Moon: Crystal
❥Banana Fish
❥Kamisama Kiss

Lyrics That Hit:
•"And what the hell are we? Tell me we weren't just friends. This doesn't make much sense. No." - Chase Atlantic
•"I kissed the scars on her skin. I still think you're beautiful. And I don't ever want to lose my best friend. I scream out, God you vulture. Bring her back or take me with her" - Pierce The Veil
•"I know who you pretend I am" - Mitski

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Kudos to Berrystar!

I have been RPing with Berrystar for a bit now... a week or more? I don't really know, but she is really fun to play with! I love her characters, and I love how she understands mine. RP with her if you get the chance! You won't regret it! :D Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - AliRevellian
Berrystar is a creative and communicative individual that I’d enjoyed roleplaying with. I feel like we’ve been able to build a story that challenges my character in a way that I hadn’t considered before. They’re so detailed and responsive in their posts, which is helpful for when I’m replying. If you’re looking for a roleplay that can challenge your character in an interesting way, this is the person for you. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Josey

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