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Hello, my names Alysia but Birdie works just as well. I've been roleplaying for a good ten years now and still can't get enough. I was here back when Furcadia was still a thriving RP hub (those were the days, eh?). I've tried forum roleplays but they go very slow and seem to die out quickly. I was referred to this site and I'm really hoping it'll bring some life back to my characters.

Speaking of characters. I can't ever have enough. I really enjoy creating characters and getting deep into their life and histories. I'm a world builder that borders on OCD obsession. I enjoy making the maps, timelines, races, new magic systems, etcetc. Hmhm. I'd consider myself literate, giving good 400-600 word posts (when they give me enough to work off of). If roleplay over chatroom or Furcadia I keep it short so you don't have to sit there for 15 minutes waiting on a reply. Quality over quantity. I like substance in my posts, I really don't care about the details of the table unless relevant to the plot.

I used to RP furres but as I did more novel writing I realized I kept forgetting my characters had tails and ears, so most of them are humanoid now. I'm trying to branch away from female characters (75% of mine are womens) and the med/fan setting. I do have a few modern day and feral (wolves and horses mostly). So I'm open to a lot of things and relish a challenge.

I play Aion online. Tried WoW which the BF plays but he plays enough for the both of us so it killed all interest. Tri

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