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dcxmk3m-6b50bdd6-cd18-4d23-aeff-6fa8aeae1f06.png 1599257391-878544.png
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifin uni
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifboba tea pls
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifmakes art
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.giflots of ocs not on rpr
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifabuses color dodge

dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifall my drawings
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifrandom stuff on twitter
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifbuy me a kofi?
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifcommission page

o k
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifblood gore
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifdark themes
n o
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifsexual themes
y i s
e r
p o s t s
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif3rd person pov
r e p l y

n o w
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif 1 active
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif 1 hiatus


pixel credits

molang & sparkle by peachkonpeito
taiyaki by honeyrot

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Birdy is one of the best artists I know of, I am ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS 100% floored by their art every time I have the joy of seeing it. It has this feel of something straight out of a beautifully illustrated fairy tail. While we have not RPed I love the time and care they put into conversations with others, and how kind they are to everyone around them. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Kruhee
SO- Birdy is absolutely amazing. I made a My Hero Academia roleplay server and really... it was in absolute crap shape. But when I stated (albeit jokingly) that I wanted them as a mod because of a suggestion, and they said sure, things immediately got better! The server is organized and the rules are stated clearly! I'm really thankful for them and all they've done in only a day! I can't wait to start to roleplay! I'm pretty sure it's going to be a blast! - Pandas71

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