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dcxmk3m-6b50bdd6-cd18-4d23-aeff-6fa8aeae1f06.png 1599257391-878544.png
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifin uni
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifboba tea pls
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifmakes art
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif 2 lazy 4 profile
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifwhat art style


dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif commish thread

o k
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifblood gore
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifdark themes
n o
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gifsexual themes
y i s
e r
p o s t s
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif3rd person pov
r e p l y

n o w
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif 2 active
dcawvbh-d83ec165-d0d1-4be1-b05e-0a5286467438.gif 1 hiatus

𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓽𝓸

pixel credits

molang & sparkle by peachkonpeito
taiyaki by honeyrot

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Rave Reviews

Birdy is a force to be reckoned with artistically. Every piece that I see from them I want. They're always beautiful and stunning other than that, they're fun to talk to and great to be around and converse with Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - nightmqre
This person is awesome -- they are a great artist and drew one of my characters for me which was really sweet. And also, we do have a roleplay going and it's very creative with a lot a good, well thought-out ideas. This person is understanding and patient about IRL getting in the way of RP and has good plot and character ideas. Good with fantasy, especially. RP with them or check out their art! - Abigail_Austin

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    500 characters is 100% not enough to express how much I adore Birdy's art. I'll keep it concise though and point out that if I had more money, I would give them all of it. That said, they are also just a real sweet heart to talk to, whether you're commissioning them or not. I foresee great things in this person's future if they continue to pursue their passion. Kind and understanding Creative ideas
    (About 3 weeks 5 days ago)
  • Birdy99 replied to the forum topic birdy's commission corner(About 3 weeks 6 days ago)
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