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I am someone who really enjoys to rp. I even started to get into DnD recently. I have been on and off of here for years now. I try my best to come on here every now again to get back into the keeps of things and just to expand everything about myself as a writer, poet and roleplayer. I love the experience of these things as I love to read as well so why the hell not start rping. I joined in 2017, and had many on top of many beautiful roleplays. I hope to whoever reads this will think that I am also a beautiful writer and try my hardest to create the image i'm trying to paint.

Well, that's all folks

Have a great day :)

Rave Reviews

Hmm, BlackBlood... Well, she is a very kind bean with very cool characters! I love to rp with her, and she is a definite cool person to rp with.
Out of all of her characters though, Lilly is my favorite! - CoyBoat275
One of the best people I've ever written with. Always writes really well and develops the characters. All her characters are properly thought out and designed. Love writing with her! - AlistairHarkness

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    Goodness, even though we started not long ago, I have to say, BB is quite the partner. The way she leads and follows in the story, it's like walking side by side in storytelling. She truly leaves me guessing at the end of the day and that brings excitement. Strong character, awesome imagination, excellent person! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 3 weeks 3 days ago)
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    Alrighty, we haven't done an rp for long but boy lemme tell you every time I see that I get a response from him I can't help but get excited. His wording and the way he just carried the roleplay on to where I get sucked in "mwah" are amazing. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward
    (About 3 weeks 4 days ago)
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