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Oh darn, you found me!
My real name is Paige, but I mostly go by Berry. It's who I've RPed as the most and the name sort of stuck.
I've been RPing since back in the Neopets and Proboards Glory days, and I can mostly be found on Furcadia and Discord.
I'm painfully shy and therefore, if you want to RP with me, the best thing to do is reach out first. I can be plied with snacks.

I like a fantasy setting in some era before modern times, be that 1920 or 1520. A handful of my characters are immortal and can be RPed in different time periods; please note that if I RP one slightly closer to a modern time, things may be subject to change, as I mainly RP them in a more historical setting. I'm on the constant lookout for things to get my characters involved in, including plots and worldbuilding, but I quite like just building friendships between characters as well.

I don't like to have to say it, but please, PLEASE, please keep IC and OOC separate. Just because our characters are beefing does not mean we have to beef, and just because our characters start seeing each other romantically doesn't mean we should be getting flirty with each other. In fact, hitting on me OOC is the first step in getting me never to talk to you again.

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In a year in which old RP friends of bygone days seem to be coming back around, I'm especially happy to see my favorite Tortall-loving, werewolf-wielding Berry slip back into my gaming life (even as she's never really left otherwise!) Her characters are a delight, she's always great to talk to, and I will forever be grateful for Yveridia.

Welcome back, Berry. I've missed you and your gaggle of pups! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Rigby
Berry and I have been friends for a while, and despite that she took a bit of a hiatus, we connected as if no time had passed between us. I love her whacky takes to RP scenes, and I look forward to seeing how much her character flourish in TM! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Rook

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