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How fast I reply: I currently try to post within a few days due to work and starting university. Thanks for your patience! :)

Timezone: US Eastern

Usual response length: Usually 2+ paragraphs

Preferred response length: A paragraph or more- no one liners, please!

About me: Hey there! I'm Persona. I've been on and off RPR a few times in the past, but got busy and stopped roleplaying (for the most part) for a while- I'm looking to get back into it! My favourite types of roleplays are probably fantasy, romance, and ones set in the past but I like doing a bit of everything - I prefer freeform roleplays whenever possible, but I'm definitely willing to write within series like Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Harry Potter, etc. I love writing and playing video games- some of my favourites are Mass Effect, Skyrim, Dragon Age, the Fire Emblem series, and Dishonored, but I also like the more relaxed games like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Rune Factory. I’m always open for a new RP partner! :)


Rave Reviews

BluePersona and i are doing a rp now. We have just started and i already love it!

The way she responds to my character is so well written. I love her character as well!

So when you want someone who is very talented and good at roleplaying BluePersona is the right person for it - Cookiesareyummie

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