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Salutations! Names Sockz, pleasure to meet ya. Former Scratcher at your service, here to roleplay and post abt my gang of oc's. My pronouns are He/Him and Pupself. I do wish us go get along.
A quick side note :> I have swap days where I go by mirror pronouns*. If I inform you on this, please call me Mai instead of Sockz.

*Mirror pronouns are pronouns which you use your set of preferred on another. For example, if you use she/her, on my swap days you would also call me she/her. I do this for experimentation so I can know what I am and what I am not comfortable with.

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They are super Sweet and kind..and don't mind I have short replies and take a little bit to answer sometimes..they are super cute to! They make me super happy and I just adore them very much <333 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - BunBun
Blue and I may not have been roleplaying long but I love talking with him! They're so sweet and funny so it's always the best when I see a reply from them and they're such a fun roleplayer & friend because they're just- amazing!! :> I'm really looking forward to our future roleplays as well as conversations! ^^ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Rayne_Storm

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