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Pfp creds go to my gf! Just a silly of our sonas <3
Hey there! My name is Sockz, your Local cookie gremlin >:D Hope to get along ^^

My pronouns are He/Him and sometimes mirror!

⚠️Please, DO NOT ship my ocs!! Most of them are minors and its generally uncomfortable.⚠️

With this out of the way, here's some things about me!!

    •My favorite type of role plays are heavy world building with free form :3 i love being able to just chill out with a large world to explore!
    •While i normally stick to one on one writing out, I do sometimes join in LARPs with my small group!
    •I have two kitties named Jessie and Minion! They're my world ehe
    •I draw a lot, but in honestly I'm not fond of it-

Continuing on, I have a few comfort characters :>
    •Thad [Murder drones]
    •Shuichi [Dangaronpa]
    •Umbreon [Pokemon]
    •Tails [Sonic]
    •Mari [Dreaming Mary]
    •Stranger [Omori]
    •Socks [Bluey]
    •Bingo [Bluey]

Ending us off, thanks for visiting my profile! If you'd like to roleplay or chill, feel free to drop me and inbox msg :D

Rave Reviews

They are super Sweet and kind..and don't mind I have short replies and take a little bit to answer sometimes..they are super cute to! They make me super happy and I just adore them very much <333 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - BunBun
Sockz is the best! He always know what to say if youre feeling down and sad, and are always understanding! He might have a bit of an addiction to spoiling people sometimes ~w~' but thats okay. but if you ever hurt him, you better be careful because i will hunt you down :)
just joking.. unless. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Bell-Boi

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