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Art commissioned by me and not to be used elsewhere.

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Currently struggling with brain fog and extreme fatigue due to complex trauma. If my replies are slow or inconsistent I promise it isn't personal or that i'm being ignorant, just some days are harder to cope than others. ♡

Well, I suppose nobody said starting from scratch was easy...

Hello and welcome,
To anybody who may remember me, I once went by the name Bobbink a while back when I roamed TGT and created templates to compliment your beautiful creations.

And so, I have returned, obviously. Sliding back in to do a bit of creative writing and get in touch with old friends. There is a wee downside to my return. During my absence, I escaped a long-term situation that caused me complex trauma, due to this my memory is practically non-existent for the most part. Characters, art, or certain scenarios will more than likely kickstart any memories shared with you, but please allow me some patience, the old brain aint' what she used to be, lol.

To wrap it up, I'm just an approachable wee Scottish sausage that's here for a good time, looking to claim back the long-lost years of freedom and happiness. Word of warning, my characters all tend to lean towards triggering situations, each have TW on their page specific to their individual personality. With that being said, looking for some roleplay or banter? Don't hesitate to send a message my way.

B x

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I have known Bobbin for a very long time my secret soul mate *cough*. Not only is she creative and an astonishing writer she also has a depth to her characters that very few can match. She stunning not just in looks & personality but in her ability to bring suspenseful thrill to all dynamics. With all our differences, the growth we both overcame only brought more love and respect for this lady and our friendship. Love ya. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Nekomanics

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