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29 - Female - Scottish - Taken - Optimistic

My name is Bobbin, i'm your average introvert with a touch of eccentricity. I've been around the wonderful world of roleplay for almost 18 years since the merry days of Neopets, back when it was good mind you.

For a long time I was making custom templates for your lovely brain babies on this site, but unfortunately with my work load and real life stresses my creative touch in the coding department seems to have run dry. However, I have channelled my muse elsewhere and have came up with a closed species of my own - The Chupakri! Although it is a small group, it's slowly but surely growing with thanks to the lovely people who have joined. If you'd like to know more about the species feel free to look at their page, or even send a DM my way, I'm always happy to help!

~ Qs8TAO9.png ~~~~~~ 6SA7dHW.png

With that being said i'm keen to try find my love for writing again, longing to develop and bring all sorts of hilarity with my characters while finding and making new friendships. I'm a bit shy to begin with, so you'll probably have to prod me first, ultimately though i'm the equivalent of an excitable puppy so please don't be shy in sending me a wee message.


Rave Reviews

I don't think I could ever rave on about this lovely woman enough. Bobbin is not only a WONDERFUL, loving, supportive, silly friend, but she is also such a talented roleplayer and template designer! Whenever I need a laugh or advice, and whenever I'm feeling low, this wonderful woman swoops in and is there no matter what. Bobbin is truly a pleasure to just be around, let alone RP and work with <3 I adore her to bits. - Blytz
Envexa (played by BobbinK)
Vex is a beautiful example of an artfully crafted species. The versatility of the Chupakri aside, Vex shines all on her own. She's a beautiful dagger; gorgeous to look at but not an ounce less deadly for its beauty. Her player is an amazing writer who has given her depth, darkness and passions that are just waiting to be tapped into it. I've enjoyed every moment I've gotten to interact with this addictive character. - Noosey

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