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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 29
  • Birthday: November 25


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28 - Female - Scottish - Taken - Optimistic

My name is Robynne but most people call me either Bob or Bobbin, i'm an outgoing silly wee sausage who just wants to spread some joy and creativity. Usually you'll find me lurking in the TGT in Furcadia, though if you'd like to have a go at RP elsewhere like Discord or here then feel free to drop a message my way and we can try create some magic!



Rave Reviews

  • Bobz here is a very talented coder when it comes to crafting beautiful and unique templates. Working with her is always easy and fun, she knows her craft very well. But I love her for a lot more than her talent; she's funny, intelligent, reliable and a really good...
    -- Unicorn
  • Beautiful, talented and an absolute superwoman. This girl must have superpowers - because the amount of love and care she gives to all that she considers friends is limitless. I have never had a moment that I did not feel safe coming to her about anything. A true...
    -- Cass

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  • The Chupakri (played by BobbinK) posted a journal entry titled Journal Entry(About 4 days and 11 hours ago)
  • BobbinK replied to the forum topic Free Icons (Humans Only)(About 1 week and 4 days ago)
  • Noosey gave Envexa (played by BobbinK) kudos!
    "Vex is a beautiful example of an artfully crafted species. The versatility of the Chupakri aside, Vex shines all on her own. She's a beautiful dagger; gorgeous to look at but not an ounce less deadly for its beauty. Her player is an amazing writer who has given her depth, darkness and passions that are just waiting to be tapped into it. I've enjoyed every moment I've gotten to interact with this addictive character."
    (About 1 week and 4 days ago)
  • Envexa (played by BobbinK) has befriended House Lyall (played anonymously)(About 1 week and 4 days ago)
  • Matriarch (played by BobbinK) has added 2 new gallery images:
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