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||Tamsen is my Main|| ||Her birb will kill u||

When it comes to RP, I'm open to pretty much anything. I don't judge! Of course, when it comes to personal boundaries, I'll always let you know ahead of times if things become comfortable. However, I love to see where the RP takes our characters. I've got lots of characters for you to choose from! Insane ones, nice ones, bitchy ones... The works! Just message me, and I'll let you know who I have! Some of my characters are strictly for the game, "Furcadia," but I've got several others that I don't mind cross-rping between RPR and Furcadia! Please don't be afraid to contact me for any reason!!


Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a writer, artist, photographer and overall, creative. I love my friends and I would do just about anything for them. I like owls. I like cats. I like cat videos.

Back away slowly...

I have several people in my life that I adore! And best believe, I'll be there til the very end, even if things get complicated between us. These people have been there for me, helped me when I really needed it, and are definitely people I'll stick by, regardless of the situation. <3

My wee perf familyyyyyyyy

There's a lot more that just those listen above. But if I listed everyone, it would be 10 pages of just hearts!

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A good friend of mine, she was one of the first people I roleplayed with when I started to join the human/supernatural community. I was very nervous about starting roleplay as I had only ever done feral roleplay, but she and others quickly welcomed me into roleplays and I easily fell into plotting with her along the way. She's a great friend and an even greater roleplay partner. - Maddi
Kindhearted with a kindred spirit for fantastical things, Derick and I were in cahoots some long time ago and only recently reunited. The experience was a sort of crossing of artistic paths that landed us together in a very extraordinary setting. We've been in and out together ever since! Derick's characters are a truly distinct as though designed for the sheer purpose of meshing just about anywhere in any context. It's a wonderful experience to be able to reunite with Derick again! - Atheist

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