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Old 2011 - 2013 profile
Name: Olaf Olafson, Seventh Son of Olaf
Age: 23
Year Born: 1478
Place of Birth: Soviet France
Occupation: To constantly post in the off-topic section.
Hobbies: Skyrim, My Little Skyim: Thu'uming is Magic, Cars, Harassing Andizzle Diamonds, Skyrim, Cars, 'puters, and any combination of aforementioned items.

I thought I'd update this since my return in early December. I've been joined up with RPR since... around the time Andryn joined up, about March 2010, I think, but for most of that I was inactive due to unforeseen circumstances which crippled my internet. I think. I can't really remember, but there was a legit reason, something involving internet and something semi-serious, I forget. I'll update this [RADIO EDIT] later.

Who am I?
That's a good question, and I'll indulge you. I'm just a run of the mill guy that's been through various types of rp's and rp genres through the years ranging from anthro when I first getting started when I was maybe 15, to the much more fun and stable (for me) High Fantasy. I'm extremely lucky to have encountered an extremely good group of real-life-friends who also rp'd and are the main influence why I am still doing it today. In fact, Andryn, my a best friend who I've known since I was... something like 16, maybe 17, was scouring the internet for good rp forums or chats to hook up with, and lo and behold, he found rpr, and after about two hours (or two weeks, I forget), I also joined up.

What kinds of roleplays do you like, Bones?

Well, I'm usually game for anything in the fantasy setting. I also like sci-fi-themed things as well, however I rarely jump in on those as I usually rp with my friends, and they play almost exclusively fantasy. Outside of those guys, I'm actually incredibly shy and tend to stay in my shell, but after the first few hours, I'll crack open for you. I'm a nice guy, and like to chill with like minded people. In terms of characters I like to play/play the most, I've fallen into somewhat of a typecast thing due to my personality - the more off-the-wall and zany characters. Nothing too bad at all, really. Maybe 'unpredictable' or 'humourous' (JUST FOR YOU, DARTH.alsosorryifIdidn'tgetthatrightIdon'tnormallyuseyourHORRIBLESYTEMOFBROKENENGLISH. /trollface) would be better.

So manbropig, what peeps annoy thou? Is there anything you do not arpee?

The only things I blatantly don't want to be a part of is just a group that is filled with ... asshats. That's the best way I can put it. People that are there just be ruin the mood. I'm not talking about trolls, what I'm talking about are people that go a little bit beyond that and blatantly go to personal attacks. I mean it's one thing to do it with friends, like:
Bonebag [10:44PM]: So bro, you hear what happened to me in Skyrim last night?
Andryn [10:44PM]: Nah, what happened?
Bonebag [10:45PM]: I slept with your sister.
Andryn [10:45PM]: ...wut
Bonebag [1045PM]: I guess you could say... I BONED her. YYYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!
Andryn [10:57PM]: I cannot wait to wear your soul like a little coat.
Cats [10:57PM]: Damn. We sure are fluffy.

That's fine, that's great. Most of us are adult (or mature) enough here to realize that but when it's just a group of dudes doing nothing but bashing a person, I'm not really down for that.
Oh, and rp's meant for nothing but sex (u see wut i did thar? Giggety.) I'll have none of that - and anime-based stuff. I legitimately having NOTHING AGAINST ANIME OR MANGA, I'm just to a point in my life where I'm not watching it much anymore. I am, however, a fan of it and support it.

What's this "RTV" thing you're doing with that... other... guy?

Well, fancy you should ask that...

Yes, it was a soft winter evening at the farm, spending time at my home away from home. I was engaged in a heated battle against his laptop - techie vs. virus, man vs. machine - and was very slowly making progress.

"Bones," Andryn said as he adjusted his monocle and sipped a frosty cup of chilled rootbeer slowly. "It has come to mine attention that our compatriots at the Roleplay Repository have requested more videos to be posted upon the bulletin board... What say you, brother?"

Adjusting his tophat and moon-rimmed spectacles, I peered back curiously. Slowly beginning to grin, and softly rubbing his chin whiskers, Bonebag replied, "Indeed? What say we produce a most rousing film for them to delve into? Why, a film staring us would send most everyone in the lifestreams and cosmos into a trance. They would surely demand more, and more, yes?"

"Yes, quite. We should begin post haste!" Andryn exclaimed excitedly.

"I say, I must continue my endeavors eradicating this vile filth from your
abacus before we can even thing of engaging it's built in camera." said Bonebag, dampening the mood slightly.

"I WILL HAVE NONE OF THIS. NONE. OF. THIS. THINE VIRUS IS NOW SUPER-HEATED-AND-COMPRESSED-COAL!" roared Andryn, as the laptop burst into flames. Suddenly, the entire room was filled with diamonds, and the laptop rendered usable enough to create movie films.

And that's exactly how we filmed our first RTV episode, which was over 64 minutes long.

Bones, I want your babies.

I don't know what you heard about me, but I'm a P.I.M.P.: Celica In Management Position. /insidejoke



2013.5 SUPER TURBO!! Edition
2013.5 Edition

Name: Sir Robert the Ostrogoth, Jr.
Born: 427 A.D.
Occupation: Test Pilot, Chef, Stable Keeper, Gnome-Slayer
PhD.: No
Deity: Nyancat the Eternal
My peeps:

About Me

In a sentence: I'm a laid back (read: lazy) guy/gamer/rper/t-rex that enjoys hanging out on Skype with his friends, working on cars, building computers, and commonly refers to himself as the Overlord of the Off-Topic section. I also enjoy poetry and dancing on the corpses of my fallen enemies.

I started roleplaying when I was around 15, maybe a bit earlier, in the Anthro genre - specifically, Sonic the Hedgehog-verse stuff (I know, I know, give me a break). After getting my core laid out, I befriended Andryn when I was around 16 in school, and we started roleplaying on the chat site The Keep, part of the Nexus Network. That worked out fairly well for a few years, but eventually we become somewhat reclusive to just our group of friends and specific RP partners - the Keep as a whole tends to cater to younger and more anime-inspired members. Nothing wrong with that, and I enjoy anime as a whole, but I nearly always RP fantasy and Sci-Fi stuff.

A few years later, Andryn stumbled on RPR (2009/10, I think), and life has been awesome since then.

Are there any RPs you won't do?

I'll do just about anything these days, but I'm not really into RPs that are essentially about the main characters hooking up and having the whole thing be a giant orgy. If that's your thing, that's great, I just get into everything for the story.

Other than that, I'm pretty open, but I usually stick to Fantasy and Modern/Sci-Fi stuff most of the time.

Caveat: I haven't actually RPed in like three years. lolol

W-what!? A 2015.5 edition too? Profile bio: ROUND THREE! START!!

Basic rundown:

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Diety: Lord Goomy, on occasion
Hobbies: Pokémon, pokemon, and a lot of pokemanz. Also enjoy hanging out in the forum and am a huge automotive enthusiast - I own an s14 Nissan 240sx and an s12 Nissan/Datsun 200sx getting a boosted ka24e swap this winter and spring.
Location: Kansas, USA

Well, let's see here. I guess I'm supposed to tell you a little about me... So here it goes. I've been role-playing off and on for about 10 years or so, give or take a year or two. Originally, I was in a close knit group of friends who did Sonic the Hedgehog roleplay - hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

A few years later, I met one of my best friends to this day, and we bopper around various rp forums and chat rooms, like the Keep/the Nexus.

I haven't roleplayed in a good while, maybe three or four years now, but I constantly think up new ideas and continuity crossbreeds to tinker with at a later date. Just because I haven't rped in a while doesn't mean I've lost my creativity. If you are ever in need of an idea to rp out, or are stuck in a rut, feel free to pm me. I know how getting writers block feels.

In my time at RPR, I have an on again off again relationship. Sometimes, I will be hyperactive. At other times, I will have a several month long gap in my activities. I used to do an annual Pancake Madness, which was fun: I would make pancakes in the shape of RPR character names, etc, and post the results around every new year. It became a daunting task when it really started gaining ground in the third year, and I kind of put a stop to it after that... But who knows? Maybe I'll start it back up.

Besides rping, I also love working on computers, cars, restoring old electronics, pokemon, dnd, comics... I'm a pretty big nerd ;D. I also enjoy weight lifting and squat around 240lbs on the regular when working (I'm a nurse Aide who assists heavier set developmentally disabled folks and those who can't care for themselves anymore). I respect other people's views when they don't line up with my own, I'm not gonna bite your head off if you don't like the same things I do. I'm just here to have a good time.

Why haven't you RPed in a while? / Want to RP with me?

Well, I just haven't had the drive to. I'm a little older now - 26 as of October, 2015 - and life just gets in the way sometimes. I think up ideas for fun with my friends, but I rarely act on them. However, if you want to see about maybe getting an rp going or bounce some ideas off me, feel free to message me.

Aren't you a little old to be into (insert interest here)?

The world is a wonderful place, my friend, and you can do anything you want. All you have to do is want to.

So what genres of rp would interest you?

Well, I'm into fantasy, modern, light sci-fi, dramas... Most anything is appealing to me. I'm not against more adult themes, like sex, gore, etc, but if you are just looking for a quickie, go look elsewhere.

That about sums it up. I'm a pretty chill guy, and as long as you're chill with me, we ain't gonna have any problems.

Thanks for your time, and have a wonderful day :3!


Rave Reviews

Bones is a delightful member of the RPR community and a wonderful friend! He's outgoing, personable, and easy to approach for RP or just idle chitchat; he's one of those members you DEFINITELY ought to get to know. It'll be worth your while! - Copper_Dragon
Man, I can't remember the last time I got to talk to Bones, and that is a damn shame. Bones was one of the first presences I got to acquaint myself with when I started becoming more active on RPR, and it was always fun to talk to him in chat whenever I was around. He always has crazy and brilliant ideas, not to mention that he's super all for taking that crazy and having me apply it to my art at times. Honestly, I have Bones to thank for making me break out of some of my artistic habits. - FreeJayFly

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