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Hey guys! I'm Borko, a special ed teacher by day and I love it. I also love to read, run, and am starting to get back into writing! Though I've lurked on here for a while, I am hoping to become more active and improve my skill as a writer. I love challenging myself and am welcome to any and all feedback! Conversation is welcome and would love to meet some new people on here! I am working on revamping my profile, coming up with some new characters, meeting friends, and of course getting involved in some amazing stories! Feel free to message me and just chat or we can bounce ideas off of each other! :)

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A most fantastic woman with a heart larger than any I have ever seen before. Trackstar is quite talented at RPing, and is dedicated to making the best story possible. I have never had a bad RP with this RPRian. - Gamers
I have to thank you for being such a wonderful RP-er here on RPR. You and the others were so welcoming to me when we first met. Thank you! - Virus

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