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It has been a joy to have met Bri recently. She brings to an RP we recently started a high level of creativity (a box I could have ticked) and consisitantly writes in a way that is easy to connect with. She has a good eye for detail and her characters have soul! I'm hoping we become long-term writing partners of many stories to come! If you get a chance to RP with Bri, I think you will enjoy it. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Rogue-Scribe
Alexis (played by BriG1023)
Alexis is deserving of recognition as her character page has a solid backstory and I could see her adapting to many different scenarios. Got into an RP based on and built from her backstory and my character’s backstory, and I can see it going long term! I recommend giving Alexis a turn and see what awesome story you can write with her! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Rogue-Scribe

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