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  • Gender: Female

Hello! I joined this recently, so I'm still figuring out how this works.

I'm mostly interested in animal RPs (anthropomorphic, normal animals) since I'm not the best at writing for humans. Fantasy and science fiction are my favorite genres, although I could do other genres if there's animals needed (or humans, if I ever get a human character).

I prefer when there's no text requirement, since most of the time I won't be able to write multiple paragraphs as a response. It also makes it easier for me when I can free-write something.

I'm not that comfortable with romance and would really rather not have it as a main focus. If you still want to do it, I'll be pretty awkward with it.

And one note about swearing/language- it's a major issue for me, so I won't bypass any language warnings on character pages or continue a roleplay if there's an issue with this.

I'll probably update this if I think of anything else I need to mention! I'm up for RPs at any time.

Rave Reviews

  • This girly is very sweet and thoughtful, I enjoy chatting with her and role-playing together, and I can't wait to see her experiences on rpr expand and grow. Add this adorable kitty and you won't regret it!
    She is fabulous!
    -- iolhantheX
  • Kudos to you, Bronzewing! You're willing to make a human character for my roleplay. You're amazing, yet I just met you. Would you like to be my friend, because I'm already impressed!

    Amazing, kind and active in this community.
    Thank you~!
    -- VeryRoleplay

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