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Friendly first-generation college student.
Illustrator; graphite, charcoal, ink, graphic.
Nigerian dwarf goat, cat-bun, and other things.
Neurotic, ADHD-combined.
Engaged to a very grumpy kitty.
Gaining positive momentum.
Avid democrat, animal-lover, news-watcher.
Not open for commission.

Lions, goats, sharks, and stags.
Oil painter; landscapes, portraits, stills, mythology.
Vegetarian and veteran Furcadian.
Efficient captioner for the deaf/hard-of-hearing.
Sandshark Arts.

Yells at politicians, the sky, television, bad drivers.
Ouster of bullshitters.
Unwaveringly efficient.

Give me all your RP; all your hugs and kisses too.

Rave Reviews

Zaire (played by Brutal)
Et gets na' betta' denna rite kine'eart leopon detta weave ya' op wan fine piece'a cloth fi' impress ya' kin. Zaire is the truth! - Shawn
Beign (played by Brutal)
I really don't know where to begin with Beign. I've enjoyed this character for years from the sidelines. It's only been recent that I've slipped from my little corner to pester Mister Darke and his beloved player. He's been such a joy to Rp with and even more enticing to pester on and OOC level. If you've not had the pleasure of Rping with Beign, I highly recommend you do so soon! - MoonDog

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