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Hello, Howdy and How-do-you-do!

I'm nothing more but a humble artist and writer, searching for some adventures; to spark ideas that can aid in the build fantastical worlds, or to seek out fellow roleplayers that dare to delve into the deepest depths of treacherous quests.

I am one to enjoy a detailed story / role-play, filled with creatures from fantasy realms and from peoples own imagination! I have been roleplaying for more than 4 years now, and through that time I have created a hefty bundle of personal characters and original worlds. But, unfortunately over the recent years the roleplays I had slowly started to come to a halt.

So, I have decided to come to this site in search of new role-play partners. Hopefully once I have uploaded all my characters, I shall be able to start looking or advertising for some new adventures to have.

If you have gotten this far, Thank you!
For reading my profile that is! If you like the sound of having a go at roleplaying with one of my characters or wish to ask me any questions about starting a roleplay, please do not hesitate to send me a question.

I shall try to answer as soon as possible as I now have more free time on my hands! But I assure you I will reply as soon as possible.
And once again, Thank you!

Rave Reviews

Even thought I've only just met them, I've come to admire their style and cannot help but give credit where it's due! Alongside their long 4-5 paragraph responses, their character personalities are acted out quite well, and they're very helping in planning out scene's and idea's! Definitely a friend worth having! - Azelforest

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