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Hello everyone!

Here are some things you need to know about me!:

--- I am your typical average otaku! I love everything from Tokyo Ghoul and Hellsing to, my personal fave, Sailor Moon! However, I am also an avid gamer (HoTS, etc. and yes I quit WoW), and an avid rper whenever I get the time.

--- I currently have a part time job working at the local CSB as a prevention specialist and another full time job at a local mental health agency as a QMHP to get some clinical hours towards licensure. BECAUSE OF MY TWO JOBS I WILL LIKELY ONLY BE AVAILABLE AFTER 5 EASTERN ON WEEK DAYS AND I'M ALWAYS ON CALL ON THE WEEKEND! PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING!


--- I have my BS degree in Psychology and am going after my Masters in Mental Health Behavioral Therapy.

--- I'm also a 4th gup in Tae Kwon Do and only 3 more steps away from black. Although due to having a busted up ankle to the point that thee doctors say I need surgery, I'm currently taking a break from TKD.

--- Latest and newest info!!!! (as of 4/16/2019) I AM NOW A VERY VERY HAPPY AND PROUD NEW MAMA TO A LITTLE 3 MONTH OLD GIRL!!! <3 She is the most adorable sweetest cutest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. I love her so much words cannot even describe. That being said, she comes first, second, and third! My RP recently has been extremely limited, and I'm truly sorry to those of you whom it effects!!! But I might randomly go brb to calm her, change a diaper, or feed her. I'm also sorry for this and thank you for understanding.

--- I AM HAPPILY MARRIED! Never thought I'd need to put this information here but it seems some people blurr the lines between RP and IRL. My hub seriously doesn't care what I do online, we're a chill couple like that because in the end we know who is truly there for us and who we love. So, while we may even RP a romantic relationship between toons, or whatever, please know I am married and while he makes me so angry sometimes I am devoted to him and only him. Please don't blurr the lines between RP and IRL/ OOC or I WILL END OUR RP IMMEDIATELY!

--- Overall? I'm nerdy and have been since I can remember! I didn't even care I was made fun of in elementary school for such things, I still loved them. From everything to anime and manga, to gaming, to learning new and interesting things about the stars and space. I may watch a little too much of Neil deGrasse Tyson! xD

--- I'm also a cosplayer and frequently try to go to any conventions I can!

---Also.... I'm a closet art whore... I draw but my stuff comes out lookin' like poo.. ._.; SU!!! I love all my artist friends out there!!! Wooooot! If you see their art on my page show them love and commission them!!! Also, if you're an artist and interested in drawing any of my toons.... YESH! with all of my heart, YESH! xD

---I'm fairly easy to get along with and very whisper friendly!!! Don't feel like rping but wanna chat for a bit and just mess around foolishly? Woot! I love funny happy convos so bring it!

-- I have a secret.... I wish I were a Magical Girl xD


---Friends? I HAVE TONS! =D Yes, I want to be your friend and if we RP I will give you the attention you deserve!


Due to certain things that have happened to me in my 14 years of RPing on Furc, I must put a list of Do's and Don'ts, kay? But don't let it scare you away! If you have a question over something, let me know~! =3



Don't come at me with an OP chara
^^^ See this? See this? Yea. This... This is OP OP! No charas like this, kay? Kay. <3

Don't have your character have an ability that isn't specified on your RPR profile or your race's RPR.

Basically if you say in your RP that your chara has the ability to control and harness all of the elements but it's not specified anywhere on your RPR? I may excuse myself from the RP as it may seem like you are coming up with abilities for certain situations and kind of goes along with having an OP chara. This doesn't mean you have to have a full explanation for the ability (although super power Wiki can help ya there if you want) but at least mention it please so I know you aren't just pulling things out of the blue!

Don't ditch on planned RP unless there's an unforeseen circumstance!

So we get together and say we're going to RP a week from now at X time and you say that fits your schedule? I expect you to be there, it's a respect thing. I have a life outside this series of tubes known as the net and I took the time to be there for you, I just expect the same. However, if there's an emergency or work calls you in, those are understandable circumstances! Just communicate with me and we're good! But don't ditch rp all because you wanna go hang with a friend or you have another rp you'd rather be in.

Don't be a "shiny RPer"/ Let my chara go!

What's a shiny RPer? Great question! It's when someone actively works out a wonderful plot with you and you're both so excited and this is going to be an amazing rp!... Then a few months later the person makes new charas with new attachments to other characters and suddenly no longer seems to have the time for your character and then your chara ends up in a lock and you can't rp them cause you're waiting on the other person. I've been in this situation many times and it's like this person just goes 'OH NEW SHINY THING!' and wanders off without a care for your chara. Likewise, if you do this, please just let my character go! We can forget everything that ever happened and erase it or just say the charas had a mutual split! I'm cool with that! But it seems really unfair to run off and suddenly not have time for someone because of new stuff. This doesn't mean you can't have new RPs, or that I want to be your only RP, no. This just means if you make new things, yay for you! But still have time for my chara too!

Don't have a 'Clique' mentality!

Sooo you view someone as "below" you or think you're "better" than certain others? I'm sorry.... Really, I am. Because this mentality will hinder your RP and not allow you to branch out and find other things that are cool. Not even gunna lie, back in the day when I was in high school I had this attitude. I lost friends and RPs and it was a huge wake up call, but one I needed! Because of this, I became open to all styles (except OP charas) and made a ton of friends! Even people I viewed as 'crappy' or 'bitchy' or an 'enemy' became my friend and I learned their circumstances. I will NEVER be involved in or have this clique mentality again nor do I want to be associated with people like this! All because you're staff at a dream, or a mod of something doesn't make you "better" or "worse" than the rest of us, we all have unique talents and we should be accepted for who we are!

Don't ask a question or say you want me to tell you something if you're not going to like/accept my answer or whatever I say.

You may be my friend and I may be in the mental health field, but I am completely different at home and online than at work. Yes, I could beat around a bush or coddle and lie to you. But... You're my friend... You deserve better than that, you deserve the truth! So if you ask me a question, an opinion, or tell me to be open about something, be prepared to hear my full truthful answer!


DO give me attention during RP and have a reasonable amount of time between posts!

You're time is precious to you, and I want you to know, mine is precious to me too! There for when we're RPing I expect a certain amount of attention. This doesn't mean you can't rp with others, but rather don't let your posts lag because you're busy with other RPs or just flat out ignoring me for others. This takes form of people taking well over an hour to respond to posts! So please keep your posts at or below 30 minutes! Thanks!

Do show respect to others!

This is just a common thing! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have mentioned respect several times in my Do's and Don'ts so this just overs over all respect such as opinions, religion, sexual orientation, etc. etc. We are all different people, we're going to have different opinions, so please respect that!

Do be into various character relations and attachments rather than just romance/ sex

It goes to show how much of a wonderful elaborate imagination you have when you can branch out and do more RP than just romance. This can be IC drama, enemies, friendships, etc.

Do be open to other people and other styles!

I kind of feel like this is repetitive as it's been somewhat covered in respect and other areas. However, we need to know that not everyone is the same and we should be okay with that. We can be okay with something without taking it as something of our own.

Looking for:
-IC Drama
-Interesting and well thought out characters

Mentionable Friends
Not in any particular order!

Devil's Dancer

Wow... Who would have known that we would be friends for.... Over 5 years now? You and I, LOL. We started off as the worst of enemies, I really didn't like you lmao! But then, something magical happened!!! THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP COMPELLED US!!!! We got to know one another and ever since we've been there for one another through thick and thin. I'm so happy I was able to meet a beautiful soul such as yours. When I'm down you pick me right back up, punch me in the face, and tell me how awesome you think I am (I still don't agree btw! lol!). You are my sister and my bestie and I thank you sincerely for keeping up with my random brain babies and races I make. I also thank you so much for just... Dealing with me and being a true friend and listening to me even when I don't make the best of decisions sometimes... ^-^;; For anyone reading this, you can RP wif her.... BUT SHE ISH MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hades Lost Child

You are the reason I'm here, the reason I strived so hard to get better at RP was because of you and your excellent RP abilities. The game has NEVER been the same without your amazingness and I miss it and you. I see you every few weeks and talk to you constantly but I sincerely look forward to the day when you return to Furc and we can once again partake in the craziness we used to. You, my sister and my best friend... You I've known far longer than anyone on here and are my oldest friend. There will forever be something missing from this game until you return.


Where do I even start with you? I've known you now over 10 long years. We have our falling-outs and arguments and not going to lie, sometimes you really piss me off and hurt me. I've known you over a plethora of other alts you've made from silvery haired hotties to emo hotties. =P But I will say this... No matter what happens, even if we're arguing, you have been there for me and I for you. And I know, I know... I bleed glitter, shit rainbows, and am too damned nice for my own damned good sometimes. But please know, there will always be a part of me that's dedicated to you and cares. Thank you, sincerely, for putting up with me and my crap RP, guiding me, making me stronger, and being a great friend. You my friend are always AMAZING! You always have been and you always will be.


LOL! We just meet not too long ago but I already feel like we've known each other for so much longer! We're almost like two sides of the same coin you and I! We share a lot of the same thoughts and opinions and you have been so kind to listen to me and let me vent without judging or telling me what i should do because of whatever. I love that about you! I also love how you are so laid back and so easy to smile and laugh, I really enjoy talking to you! I can't wait to get to know you better. I know this is the start to a really long friendship.


Yet another whom I've only recently meet and yet you understand and accept so many sides of me. I feel that so far it has been amazing knowing and RPing with you! Your RP skills are incredible and I can learn so much from you! I've always secretly admired you and your other characters but have been too shy to talk! NO MORE I TELL YOU! We WILL RP! RPing with you has been so refreshing and you're so incredibly imaginative with all of your characters!! Thank you for giving me a chance to rp with you bae. <3 you!

There are more, I know. If I didn't get to you already, I'm sorry. My defective keyboard is really annoying me and it's literally taken me hours to do this much! Please check back soon and you might even find your name on here!

Rave Reviews

You may have your annoying quirks that get me at times, but we work through them so far, and I couldn't ask for a better roleplayer to be my romance partner. Heres to Bari, for years to come~. And a friendship that DESPITE differences of religion will last, because I know you don't doubt my honesty. - Michonne
Brixie and Missy were once best friends.

I still love this player dearly, and I'm so proud of her for all the work she's done in her personal life, to better herself and her family.

One of the most understanding, kind, and good-hearted people I know. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - MFManda

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    Brixie and Missy were once best friends.

    I still love this player dearly, and I'm so proud of her for all the work she's done in her personal life, to better herself and her family.

    One of the most understanding, kind, and good-hearted people I know. Kind and understanding Creative ideas
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