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Welp, you landed on my profile, now you may never leave. Mwuahaha!

I'll put the rest of my characters up...someday..but I enjoy making new characters for stories as well so don't feel like you absolutely have to take a fancy to one of my pets. It's all good.

I enjoy playing villains. A lot. I would love to get to flex that muscle more. Anywhosin.

More about me:
- I don't care what gender you the writer, or your characters are. I'm just here for good stories so no worries, we're all cool people. I just care about your creativity. Possibly if you prefer cake or pie too.

- Unapologetic nerd. Movies, science, anime, figurines, and video games. I can talk forever about this stuff.

- Usually free. My availability changes but unless I have no net or my laptop dies, I will give a heads up if I get really busy and it'll be a minute before I can post.

- I have a lot of animals..cause ya know..ranch.

- So long as you don't give me one-liners, I'm not worried about how long or short your posts are. My post lengths tend to vary depending on the story and what's going on for me that day.

- The smut situation- I don't RP for smut sake. Its just boring. If there's romance in a story, stuff like that, I don't mind adulty scenes and encounters but if its all smut-centric, that's a hard pass for me. I need at least a nugget of story, even for quick scenes.

- I am Discord friendly, that channel is always open for me to collect minions to talk with lovely folks.

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