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Hi Hi every one bunny here and welcome to my profile! I’m so glad you came by for a visit! If you wish to chat or role play I’m basically always free except for weekends and late at night.

Let’s see a few rules...
1. Please be kind there’s no need for harsh words this should be a safe place for all please don’t ruin that for me...

Quite honestly that’s all I’ve got I’m sure I may come up with a few more later but for now that seems to cover the basics just be nice!

Times available:
Mon-Friday: 8:30AM-6PM (may have zoom calls in between these times but will reach back as soon as I’m available I try and be the quickest but still have a very detailed reply as possible!

Rave Reviews

Wow I wish I was able to pick more than two choices honestly cause she would be almost all of those qualities. Bunny-bubblegum is a fantastic writer and has amazing characters and they are well built! She is great partner, with awesome ideas and always makes me excited to see what happens next in our rp! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - EvanlynDestiny

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