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Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I was hospitalized and wont be able to reply or do really anything in some time. I am sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you all soon.

VERY IMPORTANT: This has happened to me quite a few times now on this site so I feel it is important I put this here. If you are prone to ghosting, which I find slightly pathetic for anyone on this site. You are here to write, express yourself, show how witty and clever you can be, yet you are unable to form words and talk to about any issue that might come up? I find that incredebly sad, cause all I would ask for is maybe just a "I don't like the RP any more, I'd like to stop it. Please don't ask for a reason." So once again, if you can't talk to me like a human being, and try to 'spare my feelings', do us both a favor and don't.

I adore role-play. I adore new and creative things. I love getting pulled into something strange and/or twisted. I know that in creating stories the only true limits are the ones we set ourselves, that is why I really don't like to set things like: "Like/Dislike, Yes/No, etc."
No, when you RP with me it's all green, all is allowed and all is okay. I mean why limit and imagination? I mean yes, some people don't like it or just don't know how to role-play something, and that is fine. I live a very rule-heavy life IRL however and that is why here I just want to be as free as possible.

Now don't get me wrong, I know how to follow a proper forming story, I do follow world rules and house rules in D&D, and I am not just a random nut-job that will throw things at you like we live in the shattered realm of Limbo. And I am also willing to say yes to things that you just don't want in the story (18+ themes, violence, magic, technology, etc...), I just don't like cutting things out of a story that has not even had a chance to form yet.

As for things I can do and play, I like to think of myself as a highly-adaptable person. I will try to play any role you want and/or need. Work with any environment we are set in, and engage in any activities you bring in front of me (No matter how, deranged, perverse, crazy or absurd they might be...). Naturally in time I will add my own ideas, characters and plots so bear with me.

For now I am looking forward to meeting you all and don't be scared to hit me up or talk to me. Have a wonderful day for now (^3^).

((Right now looking for people to draw commissions for my character since I'd like to have my own portraits. If interested message me.))

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