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Hey, welcome to my profile!

I'm David and I'm 19 years old and live in Slovenia, which is in Southern/southern Central Europe. I like to read, write, act and listen to music, but I'm also interested in nature, films, fashion, history, languages and traveling.

My favourite music genres are grunge, metal, punk and new wave, my favourite bands mainly being defunct nowadays and mostly hailing from 1980s Yugoslavia, but there's also some more recognizable acts I like, such as Nena and Nina Hagen.

My favourite films are psychological thrillers or dramas, namely Girl, Interrupted, The Danish Girl and similar ones.

I'm gay, so if you're homophobic or not okay with homosexuality in any way, please don't contact me or initiate RPs with me. I respect your opinion, please respect my request.

I am currently settling into college life, as this is my first year in college, so be patient with my replies please. This is an entirely new experience and vastly different from highschool, so my activity on RPR may fluctuate wildly.

Check out my worldbuilding project.

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