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I’m taking a sort of break. I don’t know how long it’ll be, and I’m going to continue my current rps, but I won’t be starting any new ones after the day I post this. I might occasionally come back on for a day or two, but I can’t make any commitments. Sorry, and I’ll be changing my status when I come back to reflect whether or not I’ll be continuing here. Thank you and sorry.

Rave Reviews

This is MY Burrito. He is amazingly fun to rp with. Always got great characters. Always responds quickly to my posts and its always great fun <3 <3 <3 Love Ya Burrito Fast responses Long-term partner - Aaricia
Cutest burrito ever. Great Roleplayer. Responds fast and amazingly creative. *Winks* Nice guy and a good friend to me ^^ Cute smol bean (get it? In a burrito?) ❤❤❤ Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aaricia

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