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You can call me Cab.


I'm starting to log into Furcadia more often recently, and I'm always looking for RP, either on furc or here.

I do some art, I'm not that great but commissions are cheap and always open!

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Acantha (played by Caberoni)
It's easy to claim a character is ancient, but accurately conveying an incredible age is another matter. Canth is an idiosyncratic immortal. What hooked me was the way her airs implied infinite intelligence, with wisdom oozing from every word and certainty in every action. She is the very epitome of the Lady In Red trope with a dark decadence and wicked cleverness about her. Thoroughly impressive, written in a satisfying style, and ever engaging the literary mind. - Libertine
Cab is an inventive roleplay partner who never fails to surprise me! Her characters are witty and well-thought out and although they could be overpowered in less-experienced hands, Cab makes an effort to balance them and interactions always feel fair, even when there is a disparity of power between those in the scene. OOC she is funny, kind and a pleasure to chat with. I'm so glad to have met her and I hope to know her and plot with her for years to come. - Noxious

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