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Status: lookin' for all the RP.


I have a lot more characters than it looks like. Both on the site and off the site.

I have GAD and my anxiety makes it very hard to approach people, even people I already know and care about. Come talk to me, because chances are I've not forgotten about you.

OOC considerations
  • Do not be vague if you have a problem. I can't solve it if I don't know.
  • Don't talk bad about other people.
  • Let me know your limits. I like some dark themes and I can be casual about my personal trauma. I don't want to hurt you with my trauma.
  • Be patient. Sometimes it takes me a while to reply. I'm working on sharing that information with people so they know I'm not ghosting them on purpose.
  • Be patient. I have a full time job so even if my mental health is A++, I work 60+ hours.


In no particular order.
  • Romance
  • IC Drama
  • Making friends with long term players.
  • Modern, especially slice of life.
  • Not caring too much about realism.
  • Fantasy
  • Scifi
  • Horror
  • Real life horrors

Personal Character challenge

I'm going to challenge myself to start making character profiles for all my art since I have more or less stopped roleplaying.

*03/18/21 Started Mishigu
*03/24/21 Started Diah


Rave Reviews

A lot of memories with this person, from IC shenanigans to OOC ramblings. Tertius would want me to say "I like this one..." for him. And for once I completely agree with him!!! - Virus
Cac is a fantastic friend and a tenacious artist. She has one of the most colorful imaginations that I've ever had the privilege of witnessing, which she channels through her multiple talents. Photography, painting, writing, knitting- her creativity knows no bounds. Everyone should have their own pocket-sized Cacophony. - Libertine

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