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Status: Moving and just tired.


I have a lot more characters than it looks like. Both on the site and off the site.

I have GAD and my anxiety makes it very hard to approach people, even people I already know and care about. Come talk to me, because chances are I've not forgotten about you.

OOC considerations
  • Do not be vague if you have a problem. I can't solve it if I don't know.
  • Don't talk bad about other people.
  • Let me know your limits. I like some dark themes and I can be casual about my personal trauma. I don't want to hurt you with my trauma.
  • Be patient. Sometimes it takes me a while to reply. I'm working on sharing that information with people so they know I'm not ghosting them on purpose.
  • Be patient. I have a full time job so even if my mental health is A++, I work 60+ hours.


In no particular order.
  • Romance
  • IC Drama
  • Making friends with long term players.
  • Modern, especially slice of life.
  • Not caring too much about realism.
  • Fantasy
  • Scifi
  • Horror
  • Real life horrors

Personal Character challenge

Starting a new one tomorrow just because:
Alphabet of Characters.


Cacophony's Characters

Cacophony either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Cacophony is a brilliant artist and a deep, deep dreamer. This astounding noise had come to me in the past with ideas so incredible that they challenge my knowledge of facts and belief in how fiction works and what I find enjoyable. Listening to Caco brainstorm and think is putting on headphones and listening to all of the possibilities out there. - JayBird
Cacophony has shown wonderful patience, great kindness, and is a fun read! - Zelphyr

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