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Status: On a temporary teaching contract on little notice; I will need RP, but I am not sure how much I can put out on any given week.


I am officially a teacher, with a certificate and everything.

I am more active on Furcadia right now.

I do not interact with minors. I will not roleplay with people who do not have their age listed unless I know for an outside reason they are over age or they contact me through a post on the adults only forum. I apologize, but I do not want to risk my career over roleplaying.

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Cacophony is a brilliant artist and a deep, deep dreamer. This astounding noise had come to me in the past with ideas so incredible that they challenge my knowledge of facts and belief in how fiction works and what I find enjoyable. Listening to Caco brainstorm and think is putting on headphones and listening to all of the possibilities out there. - JayBird
I have to thank this man for bringing me out of a tough spot I was in just recently. It's always nice to see him around in the forums, and I love reading his thoughtful insights! - Lucretire

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