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Status: Trying to get into the swing of things. I'm looking for RP. Drop me a line if you know we like the same stuff.


You may have noticed that I only have one character who is public. This is because I don't like to mix characters, or I might have characters who don't mesh well with others. If you want to know, I'll let you know about a few characters.

I also have a bunch of characters who do not currently have profiles. I have literally dozens of characters who have either not made it off the ground or just have not been completely defined. Or they were retired and I'd like to see them active again.


In no particular order.
  • Romance
  • IC Drama
  • Making friends with long term players.
  • Modern, especially slice of life.
  • Not caring too much about realism.
  • Fantasy
  • Scifi
  • Horror
  • Real life horrors

I do not interact with minors. I will not roleplay with people who do not have their age listed unless I know for an outside reason they are over age or they contact me through a post on the adults only forum. I apologize, but I do not want to risk my career over roleplaying.

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Rave Reviews

Where would I be without Cacophony? Probably in a worse place, honestly. He's dedicated to his passions, and incredibly generous with his heart and soul (as well as material gifts!). I can always talk to him about anything without judgment, and he always makes me feel heard and appreciated. I love him dearly and am so eagerly looking forward to see his amazing impact on making the world a better place. - Sanne
Cacophony's perseverance in life is nothing short from admirable. Regardless of what's been put in his path, he manages to overcome it or find alternative solutions to the problem at hand. Besides our mutual love for crafting, I adore that we can spend months away from each other and pick right back up where we left as if no time passed at all. That's how you know you're friends for life. <3 - Sanne

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