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Cakey Cafe

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MY twin. In a lot of words. My sister from another mother. I adore this woman right here and would do anything for her and she knows it. Helps me when I am broken and just all tears. Her heart is amazingballs that world needs to see. But no one will ever break it for I will always be there with Duct tape.

But really, I enjoy everything about her. The rps and the chats. No matter what I enjoy her company. - SennM
We had a rocky start but this girl I can honestly say is amazing. Some of the best plots I've been involved in have been because of this imaginative woman. She knows how to keep it real and is a kickass friend. We need to start RPing again sometime soon because I remember how addictive it can be. Her characters are all simply amazing, no doubt about it. I simply adore you Cat. I am blessed to have you in my life. - Silverspeare

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