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[6:57:49 AM] ***: I always think of you like a rp shut-in
[6:58:04 AM] ***: You open the door to poke me with your long mail grabbing stick
[6:58:10 AM] ***: Or your long nails
[6:58:32 AM] ***: And then you go back inside to drink whiskey and cry over your broken hollywood dreams

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As sweet as can be and a true friend, she was there for me when I needed someone and picks me up when I am down. I’m always happy when she’s around, there really is no one else like her. She’s dedicated and creative and I highly recommend her and any of her little brain children to lift your spirits. 10/10, a very good bean. - Voidsquid
ANOTHER KUDOS, I can't tell you how hilarious this chick is. You'd have to see for yourself; she's the queen of guestbook memes that make me both laugh and want to puke at the same time. She'd also the queen of my heart, when I see this one online, I literally think, 'time to turn up.' Jokes aside, you've been there for me on a serious notes as well. The reallllest. - Ivory

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  • Voidsquid gave Carebear kudos:
    The spicy pepper to my salt, I love this girl very much. She delights me both as a person and as a vessel for her characters. She's zany, wacky, but deeply creative to the point it's hard not to stay invested in the story at hand. Breaking the mold and keeping things interesting just come so naturally when she's around, a true treasure. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 1 month 19 hours ago)
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