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'Tendrils of smoke lash the street
And shamelessly court
Disguised honey sweet
To cater all sorts
And hushed tones all agree
And the world distorts
~Poets of the Fall~

Well met and welcome to my little corner of the world. I am just a weary newcomer looking to find my way, an outlet for myself, my thoughts and desires.

I am still very much at the creative and construction stage of my profile and of my characters. And I want to get things on that side set some before exploring more RP, I like to be thorough! If its worth doing...

I have a simple yet sometimes complex mind, my characters will be me, facets of my life and personality. It's not always a place of sunshine, there will be dark adult themes some of which may be potentially triggering, there will be room for almost anything, for I am open and oh so very flexible.

I am always approachable, for now though I don't have characters in place to explore RP directly but banter or chat are always welcome regardless. I'm not one for ghosting, if anything I'm the reverse, I always try to respond swiftly, and thoroughly with no issues going deep at times.

But for now?
Till next we meet,

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Though he may be new to the online world of roleplay, this man right here is someone you want on your team. Funny, caring, kind, and with so much depth to him, Carn is someone who has all the potential to blow your mind and more. I don't know where I'd be without him, so keep an eye on his page and pounce on those characters of his once they are created. I promise you won't be disappointed. ♡ Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Bobbin

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