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hello! my name is casper.

I like to write and draw, i mainly like writing romance stuff and drawing cartoon peoples.

my writing style is 3rd person, past tense, and i will do an average of a paragraph or two. (usually, it can change depending on the roleplay) I don't do any nsfw roleplays.

most of my characters will have mental heath issues mainly because I have mental health and it's easy to write off of.



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Casper here is one of the best roleplayers ever ! They're kind, and character traits are wonderful! Keep up, Casper. I'd love to maybe be friends. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - OriginalGreenBean
Amazing person to rp with and it would be nice to become their long-term role play partner!! :) I enjoy the plots they come up with and characters! I tried to pick around 6 qualities but im not allowed. Great sense of humor Fast responses - MoriHoney

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