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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: August 10

Current Status as of May 26, 2019: Bored, looking for partners

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Call me Cassandra.

I create pinterest boards for characters or character ships! If you're interested, send me a message!

So, I'm an experienced roleplayer of every kind for the best of four years now. I love to write, create, and work with other people. I'm a horrid nerd, and will go on and on about my video game characters if you let me. If there's a fandom, Im probably apart of it. I only play OCs, as I don't want to put in the effort to be a perfect canon. Less stress.

((This sums me up about perfectly))

I am 100% down for roleplaying or just being friends. I'm a really relaxed person with that, though you'll probably need to speak up first. Read down below to learn why. Just send me a message anytime, or comment in a character guestbook. At minimum I check the site once a day, so you'll have a response by then. Of course there will be exceptions to this, as some days I have zero inspiration. The longer the rp length tends to be, the longer it will take me to write back to you; I believe in doing something well, or not doing it all. Which means sometimes I get a bit side tracked trying to find a good story.

I'm a fantasy roleplayer, though I will verge out into sci-fi, horror, etc. I am a very easy going and will write almost anything. If I don't want to I'll let you know. Now, a quick warning. If you respond in *asterisks* talk, I will ignore. I cannot stand that style as I never see the same effort put in, in comparison to the paragraphs that I type out. Keep the story interesting, and lets have fun.

You may have seen me on other rp sites, and Im under the same name so Im easy to find. If you're interested in roleplaying with me just let me know. I am good with almost everything, so if you ever want to do something 18+ just clear it with me first. Basic human decency and all that. I will not roleplay with anyone under 18, as I know stories can escalate, and I don't want to limit my writing.

Rave Reviews

  • Cass is by far one of my favorite people on this site. She's so wonderful, with characters that make me so excited to read about, who have lively and exciting personalities. She's so great to talk to, even out side of role play things, and she's so easy to get a long...
    -- PrinceLacrima
  • Absolutely adorable in every sense of the word I can’t say how amazing their upbeat and supportive attitude to life and writing is. This person makes RPR a brighter place to be and I hope to know them for a long time to come!
    -- Kruhee

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