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I've been gone for like 4 years and I'm back
Currently replying multiple times a day, very quick turn around

who am i?

You can call me milo or, (character name), im not picky!
i prefer milo/kitty

personnal info

I am trans* and genderqueer, i prefer They/Them if you dont mind.
I am pansexual
I currently have a male mate who i love dearly and puts up with my rp/smut addiction
I own 3 cats named Maab, Noxima, and Morgan

My playstyle is exclusively 3rd person past tense (he walked up to him slowly)
I usually go for paragraphs, sometimes its gonna be 1 sometimes it could be 5 depends on what's going on.
Romance is a must though I enjoy a slow burn ❤
I do not fade to black
I prefer if you communicate and discuss plot points when were stuck. I'm also fine with discussing longterm plot goals as well as individual scene goals.

My characters are usually submissive gay males, or on occasions submissive females, i've started branching out slowly. My favorite thing to play recently has been anything between bratty playful subs to toxic asshole bottoms to sweet soft boys.


Excited to use:

I have a mostly "anything goes" policy on subject matter but im a bit specific on rp style.

I am not currently accepting one-off scenes

18+ RP information, mature content
if you want to do a smut rp im ALWAYS game! I have very few absolutely no's! My characters each have unique fetishes but all are bdsm or kink friendly! And don't be afraid to suggest something really messed up.
My absolute nos are scat, murder, straight up gore

If you like a character but youre not sure they'll fit with your idea i am always up for changing them up a bit. Or creating a new character all together!

NOTE: most of my rps are adult rps im not garunteeing any specific reason it could be for sexuality, cussing, gore, violence, general adult themes! Because PG IS BORING :3
This being said i only RP with those who are 18+ please understand this and respect it, i do not want to get in trouble if you turn out to be a MINOR! Thank you for understanding <3

Rave Reviews

ok i'm obsessed with this wonderful person and his skills in Rp are almost intimidating but lovely nonetheless! his characters are well thought up and his plots are always extremely developed and he is very detailed as well as thoughtful!! a joy to Rp with and a nice friend too!!!!! #BestRpEver #HavingTheTimeOfMyLife #YAS!! - Orrik_Zynn
I truly enjoy RPing with Cat <3 I have been in a RP with their character Nyxus for quite some time now with my character Lokii & I must say I look forward to the replies ^-^ At first I didn't know how I felt about Nyxus (I am a very visual person & I have to be honest in that I thought Nyx was super weird looking) but it turns out Nyx is a very neat character~! All I can say is that I truly recommend starting up a RP with Cat here~~~ - LovelyHaunter

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    Tai is awesome! Their characters have alot of range and he's super good at staying in character even when playing multiple in a single scene. Hes also amazingly patient when I'm slow to reply and has some really fun ideas! Super friendly and great to just chat OOC with as well! Absolutely ADORE him! Highly recommend rping with him! You will never be bored! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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    Words cannot explain how awesome this gal is. RPing with her have been a blast and still going strong. Getting to know the writer OOC, I found just how special she really is. She's smart, can match post length, adapt with me along with helping me develop my characters even further. And she has the sweetest heart any person could ever get close to. Very easy to talk to. She's worth every moment to get to know and RP with. Much love! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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