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Somewhere in the madness that is 2020: Well. It has been a hell of a year! However, I am back and ready for new roles!

Currently: Sleepy.

Hello, hello and welcome to the madness of Cat. I’m glad you’re here!

A little about me;

I am 28 and I’m currently a sales associate at Cobs Bread Bakery. I’m also a mama with a bright and wild seven year old and an outrageously cute baby. I’ve been roleplaying since I was about 13, on all kinds of sites including thebuffysite, Yahoo, MSN, and many others. I love to write, read, cook, eat, watch movies and YouTube. I am a massive, massive fan of the WWE, and especially Finn Balor <3. I’m fairly open-minded and will try most anything, except for MxM. I have nothing against it, I have just never tried it, and have no idea how to write it!

Note: I has children. They take time away. I will return as quickly as possible! Also, because I do all posting from my phone, it is almost constantly logged in, so check my currently to see availability.

A little about my roleplaying;

Fully Active RPs: 4
Semi-Active: 3
Spaces available: Yes

I absolutely require detail and paragraphs. I post at least three plus, and hope for the same from my partner. I will not play with anyone under 18, simply due to my age, experience, and I more often than not have adult themes in my roleplay. I have no objection to sexual scenes, and am open to fully detailing every step. I do not like to fade to black. I’m also open to violence, gore, language and drama.

I’m also a talker. Once we get RPing, lots of ideas will begin forming and I want to be able to discuss them with you! Let’s be friends, not just partners! :)

Second Note: I only have so much muse a day. If you haven’t received a post from me, I did not forget about you. It’s just between work, and parenting, I only have so much to give. But you will get something as soon as I can get it out. It may also be because i just don’t know how I want to word this, and I won’t send anyone something I wouldn’t want to read.

I have several characters to choose from, and even more if none of them work for you. Just let me know!

Characters in Relationships, Or Hoping to Be:
Callie Scott

Single and available:

I really hope to hear from you!! Have a fantastic day!!

Rave Reviews

My last kudos for this lady was probably a year ago so here we go! I have always enjoyed writing with Cat and that has not changed. If anything it's only grown more so over the last couple of weeks that we've really getting back into our RPs. I adore how our writing styles mesh so well, how creative, passionate and talented Cat is. Her characters really come to life in her posts and my two ladies are utterly head over heels for her two guys. I love our stories! <3 - MercyInReach
-- and creating characters, character arches, plots, sub-plots... My RP with her excites me to write in general lately, and reminds me how fun, and dramatic, and crazy a story can be. She is such a good partner, and you're missing out if you are not RPing with her. I hope our RP last's forever, and when it eventually does end, we'll pick up something from one of it's side plots probably and make that our new RP. It's just fantastic. I am so glad to be writing such a mind blowing story with Cat. - MercyInReach

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