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Howdy doodly! I'm Marie, and I have way too many characters.

Rave Reviews

Let me tell you about this nerd. This nerd is great, okay?
I will fight anyone that disagrees.
Except I won't.
Because she's great and you'll love her immediately. One of the funniest people I've met on furcadia. RP with this nerd. You won't regret it. - bearclaw
Catastrophie is one of the funniest people I know, with humor also vibrantly present in her scenes and character development. Speaking of which, she's also a master at writing stories, pulling you just as easily from laughing to crying with how deep she makes her characters. I really admire how she's been doing so much self work lately; her constructive thinking/accountability is infectious and really reflective of her desire to make sure others have just as much fun as she does RPing! - jamerson

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