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hi there, I'm marie! I've just got a few gals up here, full list of designs and characters at my TH

I rp primarily in the Alfheim continuity, but if you're looking to be rp partners or pals, shoot me a message! I'm happy to discuss options, or just chat. :>

Rave Reviews

BAE. This woman is amazing. She has incredible characters, and she plays them so well! RP with her is always fun and enjoyable, and she really stays true to her characters. RPing with her is an absolute blast and I always look forward to our next scene together! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - CelestinaGrey
Let me tell you about this nerd. This nerd is great, okay?
I will fight anyone that disagrees.
Except I won't.
Because she's great and you'll love her immediately. One of the funniest people I've met on furcadia. RP with this nerd. You won't regret it. - bearclaw

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