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Howdy doodly! I'm Marie, and I have way too many characters.

For the most part, I'm putting my energy into a handful of characters (Jol, Vandis, Abbie, Mone, and Andari) and I'm really only playing those gals in the Alfheim continuity right now.

I'm also fully in lesbians with the love of my life, and out of respect for her, I'm not currently open to playing any romance / scenes of a sexual nature outside of the characters we play together.

Outside of those particulars, I'm so down to do slice of life / plot / whatever else in general in Furc! :> Get at me and play with my various dorks!

Rave Reviews

Okay so I know I'm biased here but this girl is seriously the sweetest you'll ever meet. She's got the biggest heart ever and is a total dork but in the best way. She's quick-witted and lighthearted and always makes me smile and laugh. Whenever she joins a group I just know great things are going to happen. If you haven't RP'd with this ho yet you better get to it because she will make your day. - Sol
Let me tell you about this nerd. This nerd is great, okay?
I will fight anyone that disagrees.
Except I won't.
Because she's great and you'll love her immediately. One of the funniest people I've met on furcadia. RP with this nerd. You won't regret it. - bearclaw

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