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Howdy doodly! I'm Marie, and I have way too many characters.

Rave Reviews

Margrett (played by Catastrophie)
Fantastic writer, friendly player on and off the site. Always happy to work with ideas and plots, and gives equal effort in creating a story. Characters are in depth and wonderfully personable, even if I only got the pleasure of rping with this one.

If you are ever looking for another fantastic rp partner, and player, give this gal a message! - WandOfEternity
About a year ago I clicked on the RPR profile for a character named Abbie. Normally I would have just skimmed it over, but not this one. The art caught my attention,and then I started reading. I was stunned by how amazing her writing was. I think I was on the second page when I knew I needed to RP with her. Writing with her led me to the best RP group I've ever been a part of. I don't know if words on a screen can express the gratitude I have for you, so I just want to say. You're a deer friend. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Siduri

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