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Oh gosh... What is there to say about me? I'd like to think I'm a pretty nice person? Actually I try very hard to be. It takes a lot to annoy me and it takes a lot to get on my bad side. In fact... I don't really have a bad side? All in all I'm pretty chill.

If you ever want to poke me for rp feel free! Whether you just want to have our characters bump into each other or arrange a full and proper plot it's all groovy. Or if you just wanna chat that's fine too.

I've been roleplaying for years and I'm extremely grateful to the people that have been with me through all of this time as well as the people that are new to my rp life. I adore all of you and I couldn't ask for a better community to be a part of.

I'm an OOC manager over at The Golden Tether! Any questions about the dream? Feel free to ask!


Rave Reviews

Erimear (played by Catie)
Erimear, I still recall you being so patient with me on Acaeus and her teaching each other stuff. I couldn't believe how nice and approachable you were as staff, and how willing you were for one on one rp to develop that deep friendship that I know Acaeus will never forget. Fearsome and loveable panther from a safe distance ;). She will light the fire in your character that they didn't know they had...and teach them to love themselves better in her own unique fashion. Truly a great experience. - Michonne
I can't even tell you how long this wonderful lady has been around, if not just as long as I have. She has such beautiful characters and an amazing writing style you can't help but engage and bring out the best of things in a plot with her. It's only been recent that I've adopted her as a friend but it is truly something I do not regret and hope to keep thriving. - MoonDog

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