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Welcome to my profile!

I am Cecilia Alcott, and I'm female. I'm a teenager who loves reading, singing or listening to Japanese Music. I am a total anime weeb and I can't live without anime ❤️❤️

I'm a weirdo who loves to Roleplay, so, I guess if you want to RP with me, you have to manage with my weird nature 😅 are some facts about me

1. I'm a weirdo
2. I'm a weeb
3. I love japanese music
4. I want to be a Voice actor (actress actually)
5. My Favourite subject is science (except MATH)
6. I have watched over 50 anime
7. I'm an E-Girl

If you want to PM me about something, go ahead! :D

Rave Reviews

Amazing writer. Super creative and helpful. I've RPed with her a million times, and she replies very fast. If you get a chance to RP with her, don't miss it! :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - RoyalWisdom
CeciliaAlcott22 is a great friend and roleplayer. She is the one who introduced me to the world of group roleplays, and thanks to her, I am now more likely to participate in one. Her characters are diverse and fun to roleplay with. She herself is also a great writer, and I love the ideas she can come up with. I can just recommend to rp with her. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AgateTurtle

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