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Welcome to my profile!

I am Cecilia Alcott, and I'm female. I'm a teenager who loves reading, singing or listening to Japanese Music. I am a total anime weeb and I can't live without anime ❤️❤️

I'm a weirdo who loves to Roleplay, so, I guess if you want to RP with me, you have to manage with my weird nature 😅 are some facts about me

1. I'm a weirdo
2. I'm a weeb
3. I love japanese music
4. I want to be a Voice actor (actress actually)
5. My Favourite subject is science (except MATH)
6. I have watched over 50 anime
7. I'm an E-Girl

If you want to PM me about something, go ahead! :D

Rave Reviews

Amazing writer. Super creative and helpful. I've RPed with her a million times, and she replies very fast. If you get a chance to RP with her, don't miss it! :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - RoyalWisdom
I love RPing with this person. She will be always supporting the plot and driving it forward and she has the ability to explain big incidents with compact words. RP with her if you get a chance.
~Xue Sheng, an anonymous character. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Anonymous

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