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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Birthday: January 11

Hi! Call me Lucy. I am a tiger with transformation magic. When I am a human, I am a Celestial dragon slayer, and when I am a dragon slayer I can call the zodiac spirits and dress similar to them. The zodiac spirits I can call are: 1.) the Celestial Spirit King (only if I break one of my Zodiac Spirit Keys), 2. Aquarius the Water Bearer, 3. Leo the Lion, 4. Virgo the Virgin, 5. Taurus the Golden Bull, 6. Sagittarius the Centaur, 7. Aries the White Ram, 8. Gemini the Twins, 9. Scorpio the Scorpion, 10. Cancer the Giant Crab, and 11. Capricorn the Sea Goat. When I dress like the spirits, I can use some of their abilities. But there are three Zodiacs that I don’t have. They are Pisces the Two Fish, Libra the Balance, and the thirteenth gate, Ophiuchus the Snake Charmer.

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