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Hi there,

I'm the Empress, and I'm happy that you stopped by. I do not have any characters listed because I make characters that are individualized for those who RP with me.

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Things to know:
- I do not RP with minors; you need to be 18 to RP with me.
- I do love romance stories, primarily historical, crime-based, or comic book romance, but I perfer fade-to-black most of the time in an intimate setting.
- I love complicated stories, rich character building, and lore.

Genre's I RP
- Comic Book
- Mafia Stories
- Crime Syndicate
- Adventure stories
- Sci-Fi
- Anime
- Romance (Rom-Com, Historical Fiction, Crime etc)

Please let me know if you are interested. I'd be happy to make a character up for our story and then have it message you, or we can use writer's profiles. I'm okay with either scenario.

CelticEmpress's Characters

CelticEmpress either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

One of my long time friends and one of the best writers I know. CelticEmpress possesses an exceptional eye for detail and immerses herself in the stories she has. She's also a sweet, kind, and caring person, as well as one of the most responsible rpers I know; we've had a single rp going for 6 consecutive years now, and it's never once gotten old. She can take some time to come out of her shell, but she's no less a marvelous rper! - Kamizombie
CelticEmpress has been a good friend to me. She is caring and understanding. All of her posts are well thought out and detailed. There is a lot of character growth in the RP that we have going. It has been going on for probably close to 2 years now. I look forward to see how the story develops and writing more with CelticEmpress. Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Krispythekritter

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