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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 38

Hi there!

Welcome to my page! I'm happy you took the time to read this. I do have a couple of requirements to RP with me, so if you are interested in a story, please read on.

1. Please don't message me if you are under 18. I'm old; I'm set in my ways, I like RP with adults, and I've been RPing so long as an adult I have no idea how to water things down for a minor. If I find out you are a minor, I'll stop the RP before it starts. It's not that I have anything against minors, it's just that I'm not comfortable with the vastness of legal requirements to craft a story with one.

2. I do not do erotica posts. I have no problem with a fade to black, and I have no problem with very intimate kisses or touches during an RP that is aside from realistic and graphic erotica. It's not that I have anything against erotica, it's that for me, the chase is fun, so is tension. After that, I would rather get back to the chase. That said, violence and gore, let's talk about it. If it's for story purposes, I'm okay with it, but there has to be a legit reason for having entrails in a story lying about.

3. If you have requirements for perfect grammar and literacy, please go somewhere else. I'm not an excellent writer when it comes to being a tactician of the craft. While I know, there is a difference between the Chicago style guide and APA guides etc., but I'm not a fervent practitioner of them. I spell about as well as an average American education can, I use Grammarly upon occasion to fix things, and I'm human. I write how I write, and I'm not perfect. If you want perfect, I'm not your girl, I'm sorry.

Now onto the fun stuff! I'm sure you noticed I have no characters, and you're probably confused by that.

I believe a story should be holistic and customized to a personal story for a writing partner and me. I'm sure you have characters you want to RP with. So how about we talk about what you like and what I like and I build a character to match yours.

I'm great with world-building, I'm great with lore. If you aren't, or you only know your character but have no idea how to help build things for it, talk to me. We probably can come up with something.

Right now I've got a few slots open for RP. Here are some general ideas.

1. Mafia or Crime syndicate stories
2. Slice of life lighter stories
3. Comic book adventure stories
4. Pirate stories
5. Highly tense and suspenseful drama stories. These tend to be a darker themed story, and may have supernatural elements.

If you are interested in an RP with me, feel free to send me a message. I'm happy to work something out with you.

Warmest Regards,


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CelticEmpress either has no characters, or has made all their characters anonymous. Mysterious!

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  • One of my long time friends and one of the best writers I know. CelticEmpress possesses an exceptional eye for detail and immerses herself in the stories she has. She's also a sweet, kind, and caring person, as well as one of the most responsible rpers I know; we've...
    -- Kamizombie
  • What to say about this lovely Empress? She's so wonderful, so understanding, and she's one who makes certain to keep an eye on her friends even when she herself is having issues in rl. It doesn't matter what is wrong for her, her friends are just as important to her....
    -- Winters_Fury

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