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  • Gender: Other
  • Age: 25

Heya! I'm a weirdo who is a danger magnet so pretty much to keep myself busy for the times when I am the physical embodiment of Murphy's Law... I roleplay and make characters.

Seriously though; this week as of 4/15/14

    1. Dislocated my wrist somehow??? Dunno why or how.
    2. My ovarian cysts are being normal cysts from hell....
    3. My previous problems with my lower back that has caused my spine to now hate me and cause me extreme amounts of pain are now x10 worse for no reason.
    4. Tripped over nothing and face planted onto my wooden floor.
    5. Thanks to whatever the hell is going on with my wrist; my problems with my fingers past my index are pretty much back as well. Overall I can't move my right hand now so I'm thanking my childhood self for being paranoid enough to force myself how to write decently with my left just in case.

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