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.There's actually not much you have to know about me.I love Three Days Grace,Evanescence,Breaking Benjamin,Disturbed and a few other bands.I love the colors black and red.My favorite animal is the dragon(doesn't matter what kind).Like my characters,I'm nice and shy around new people,but I have that secret side of me that no one knows about me except my friends and only my friends know about me.Capricorn is my zodiac sign, so that would help you a lot when you have to know my personality,but since I was born right on the day Capricorn and Aquarius shift,I have a little bit of Aquarius.If your looking for me on DA(Deviant Art)look for "chaostheferaligatr".

If you want to RP with one of my characters,I can make a 1X1 RP or we can do a PM RP.I can help you find pics for your characters,help with names and researching different types of demons.If you have any questions about some of my characters or anything else,don't be afraid to ask me .

Most of my characters aren't human. Only 2 of my characters are regular humans and the rest change forms or have unnatural powers like my Necromancer and my Nightmare Horse. Don't be afraid to comment on any of my characters. I think I have guestbooks on every single one.

Posted August 10,2012
Finally back on my original computer ^_^.

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Rave Reviews

What too say about Ms.Chaos, Well for starters always fun too chat with, A brilliant artist, and always a joy to participate in an Rp with her. Keep it up girl, your going places - Warwick
Limitless imagination; that is most important in an rper and Chaos certainly has lots of it. I love how she keeps characters in character and does not change them when circumstances get stressed and stuff...I hope we can RP more in the future ^^ - XTheNamelessX

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