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Alrighty! First things first! You can call me Hazard, I've been Roleplaying on and off for about five years or so. But that in no way makes me a professional! So please be nice if I ever make a mistake! I'm here to have fun with my cool lil characters, if I ever offend you than please say something so I can make it right again; or at the very least apologize to you.

Roleplay info down below!

[How I roleplay!]

➣ Third person only
➣ Semi to Para length. No less than 4 sentences. No more than 3 decent paragraphs.
➣ With Characters only, no Insert/ Y/N roleplaying.
➣ Basic Grammar is required. (I'm not the Grammar police, but at least make sure it makes sense.)

Things I'll say yes to!

➣ Supernatural content (Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts...ect)
➣ LGBT content
➣ Heroes & Villains and/Or Criminals & Law enforcement
➣ Romantic relationships. (Both Toxic and healthy ones.)
➣ Trying different Genres! (I'm always looking to learn new content)
➣ OOC talking. I can and will Talk your ear off! (Even if you're on an RP break, I don't mind OOC chatting.)

Thing's I'll say No to!

➣ In real life. (Just like everyone else, I'm Roleplaying to immerse myself in worlds that are different, better, more fun. Then my IRL life.)
➣ Sex oriented Roleplays. (I like spice as much as the next person, but it's no fun if all we are doing is writing smut. There has to be at least an equal amount of story to Sex)
➣ One-off/Short term Roleplays. (I've had trash experiences with One-off RP's. And will never voluntarily play them again.)

➼ Ghosting ➼

Lost interest in the plot? That's totally fine! You don't have to explain yourself, just a simple. "Hey something came up. I can't continue this RP anymore." Or something similar will suffice. I find that a roleplay has died if there is no activity (IC and OOC) for 1-2 months; give or take a little while. If I feel like you won't ever respond again, I'll leave the chat.


Rave Reviews

Hazard has lots of creative ideas for RP and knows how to keep things interesting. Definitely hit them up, you won't be disappointed Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Lunarthewolf

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