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Apparently I've gotta make it clear.

I don't have a preference of my Roleplay partners gender. Whenever I say MxM. I'm referring to the characters not the writer.

[How I roleplay ]

• Third person only
• Semi to Para length. No less than 4 sentences. No more than 3 paragraphs.
• With Characters only, no Insert/ Y/N roleplaying.
• Basic Grammar is required.
• I'll bump every three days unless you've said ahead of time that you'll be absent for an extended period of time.

[What I allow]

• Kemonomimi (Humans with animal features), Aliens, Humanoids (Creatures who mainly look human but aren't)
• LGBT content
• Sexual content. As long as there's plot behind it.

[ Favorite Genres ]

• Romance (Both Explicit and fluffy)
• Horror
• Supernatural
• Gore

[ Least favorite Genres ]

• Furry (Animals with human features)
• Videogame
• In real life

➼ Ghosting ➼

Lost interest in the plot? That's totally fine! You don't have to explain yourself, just a simple. "Hey something came up. I can't continue this RP anymore." Or something similar will suffice. I find that a roleplay has died if there is no activity (IC and OOC) for 1-2 weeks; give or take a few days. If I feel like you won't ever respond again, I'll leave the chat.


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