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  • Gender: Female

Hi there! I'm ChebaBeesting, a Guild Wars 2 player who loves metal music. Types of roleplays I'm into are fantasy (but I'm also interested in horror rps) and I prefer to do them 1x1 rather than in groups, as it's easier for me.

In my spare time, besides playing video games, I watch gameplays (mostly John Wolfe's), browse memes and listen to music. I'm generally a reserved person so I can feel/act awkward during certain situations.

My writing skills are...well...not the best but I'my trying to write as best as I can and I'm willing to improve.

Also, a little side note: I don't like erotic rps or erotic scenes in rps, as I'm really squeamish when it comes to stuff like that. But I don't mind gore and swearing. I also prefer MxF over MxM /FxF (I've got nothing against people liking these kind of rps though).

There are also few things I'm looking for when it comes to roleplays:

1.) good english grammar - now it doesn't have to be perfect, but at least good enough to able to understand what you're saying/writing

2.) punctations

3.) writing 2-3 sentences

What's more, I don't accept random friend requests, I'll only accept requests if we talked/roleplayed.

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