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Hello there! I'm ChebaTheBee, but you can call me Bee! I'm an aspiring artist and a writer with love for fantasy genre, video games, character design, gore and horror inspired stuff!
Some of my hobbies, other than rp are - playing games, reading books and writing characters/stories!


Roleplay Info!

How I roleplay and what I look for in a rp partner

My roleplay style is basically like the kind you see in books. I write in third person past tense and can write up to about 3-4 paragraphs, maybe more. But this all depends on my inspiration. I also like to include a bit of jokes in roleplay, which also depends on the tone of the story. Additionally, I only roleplay with people who are 20+, no exceptions!

Other things I look for in a rp partner would be:

1.) They don't mind me being bound to make mistakes in grammar or spelling at times - english isn't my first language and I'm still learning to write
2.) They are chill, friendly and love to chat - I love roleplaying with people who don't take roleplay seriously, it's a hobby after all! I also love to talk about things a lot!
3.) The amount of paragraphs you can write doesn't matter to me at all, so if you can't think of that many stuff no worries about that! I know what it's like when your brain just decides to stop working!

What I roleplay

What I roleplay would be fantasy with action and adventure thrown into the mix (and I don't mind horror themes being included either)! Although my characters are designated for Guild Wars 2 rp, I have no issue with making necessary changes to fit a different setting!
I also like to explore serious topics in roleplay such as: trauma, abuse (as long as it's of no sexual nature!) and toxicity (be it friendships, relationships, toxic families, toxic cults, that sort of stuff). I also love it when roleplay has heartwarming, wholesome found family types of moments.

Other than that I like to include gore in roleplay, which depends on my characters and my partner! If you're uncomfortable by ANY of the things I have named on the list, do let me know before the roleplay starts so I can avoid writing that kind of content!
Plus, I roleplay one-on-one in DMs on RPR only.

What I DON'T roleplay

Considering I'm ace who is uncomfortable by sex and anything sexual, that sort of stuff is a huge turn off for me, be it jokes or actual scenes. In addition, I don't roleplay Sci-Fi nor do I do group and/or public roleplays.


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