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Hey there!

I'm a Guild Wars 2 player and a metalhead. Some of the bands I'm into are Kamelot, My Dying Bride, A Pale Horse Named Death, Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch.

The kind of roleplays I'm interested in are fantasy, horror and western-fantasy combo. In my spare time I read books and webcomics, write stories etc.

So here's some of the following I look for in a roleplay partner:

1.) I don't mind if you can't write a lot of things in your messages, but I'd appreciate if you write more than one line.

2.) Discussion of the setting and overall the ideas. I'm willing to hear ideas you have, but if you don't have anything in mind that's alright. I'd also love to discuss about which mature content could be in rp, as there are some things I'm alright with such as violence and gore. But in case if you're not fine with the things I have mentioned, that's alright.

If you wish to rp feel free to send me a message.

NOTE: I do not accept random friend requests.

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