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Hello, I am known as Cherry or Cherry Pepsi.
I have been rping for years and in truth I started on Furcaida well over ten years ago. Due to a lot of health issues I had to take a hiatus. But while finishing up my college I figured I would get back out there and do one of the things that I enjoyed so much in life. Most of my characters are annon so there is that warning, if you're curious I can talk to you about who I have. Please bear with me as I redo everything and fix my characters to how I want them to be.

I stream and game when I can

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Cherry is the best drink a girl can have. She's sweet, has a bit of a bite to her, and leaves you wanting more. While this Cherry Pepsi is more elusive than the ones you find in the store, this is the one you want! Seriously though, Cherry and I have gone through so much together and she's there for it all. Writing, emotional support, and just overall being one of the ones I keep close to my heart. Her characters are amazingly diverse and leave you wanting more of them! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Sundae
This girl here has always been there for me! She's helped me in ways I can never even begin to thank her for! Her RPs are always fun, her characters always interesting, and I count her among my arsenal of friends!! <3 - cferretrun

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