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Hello, I am known as Cherry or Cherry Pepsi.
I have been rping for years and in truth I started on Furcaida well over ten years ago. Due to a lot of health issues I had to take a hiatus. But while finishing up my college I figured I would get back out there and do one of the things that I enjoyed so much in life. Most of my characters are annon so there is that warning, if you're curious I can talk to you about who I have. Please bear with me as I redo everything and fix my characters to how I want them to be.

I stream and game when I can

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Rave Reviews

Wow. What a beautiful woman! I am so lucky I get the privilege to call this lady my friend. She's there for me and I'm there for her. And the major bonus? She's a talented writer and roleplayer. I get excited when she's free to rp with me. Her characters are thoughtful, dynamic and a total joy to rp with. I'm so glad we met and formed a bond. It's so hard to find good people like her in the world. She's the best! Tackle her with the love she deserves. <3 - oldmusic
Victoria (played by CherryPepsi)
She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she eats me alive. There has never been anything so elegant, nor so doomed, in the wide spinning world. She is a singing temple and the ocean swells beneath her skin in agony, in ecstasy, she is the sea that eats the earth into brittle dust and moulds it to her powerful will. And she is beautiful, oh she is beautiful. Victoria knows no line drawn in the sand between the divine love and the earthly lust she inspires. - wilts

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