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H i...t h e r e,...I...l i k e...w r i t i n g...r o m a n c e.
A n d...h i s t o r i c a l.
A n d...h i s t o r i c a l...r o m a n c e.

S t a t u s: Currently obsessed with New Horizons
d i s c o r d
peachesvoid #5074

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This lady definitely deserves a pile o' praise bigger than this one, because from the very beginning of our literate venture, she was quick to make me adore her outrageously beautiful writing style, complete with lovable characters and a captivating plot and setting to go with it! Moreover, she's one of the friendliest RPers on RPR, without a doubt. And with friendly, I mean really friendly! Amiably kind, warm, supportive, and man, ever so relaxed. Cheers, my friend! - GarnaalProductions
LeBlanc (played by CherryWine)
This profile blew my mind when I first saw it. A stunning blend of creativity and information, it offers not only a wealth of detail, but presents it in a way that's aesthetically satisfying and immersive. I lost track of it after that first visit and was kicking myself for not saying something sooner, but as soon as I came across it again, I leapt on the opportunity to see this OC in action. LeBlanc is everything you could want in a Victorian supernatural hunter. Van Helsing eat your heart out! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Libertine

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