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Hihi! *waves*

I'm Cherry-Cher- or Nevada. Nevada is my real name so I answer to it.

In case you didn't notice, I love Queen Mary from Reign. I love the show Supernatural, SAO, SOA, and more. I'm a super big fan of the Elder Scrolls V and I have a character just for that setting.

I'm a huge sucker for romance I'm comfortable with almost anything as long as it involves romance that develops later on in the rp. One important note is that most of my characters are hopeless romantics, some hide it better than others, so that might influence the rp as well.

Feel free to check out my characters and let me know if you'd like to roleplay with one of them. Okay, bye! *waves*

Rave Reviews

I know that I am not the best at roleplaying but Cherry_Red is fine when I ask about stuff when GMing. She is a great roleplayer who can play a couple characters at once, and she was willing to give me a second chance when my first roleplay with her went downhill quite fast...

Overall I would say that she is a great roleplayer with a good deal of patience - Sarlic
This role player is flexible and very friendly OOC! Their roleplay has given me the chance to rp in a setting I've always been intimidated by, but they made me feel perfectly welcome! Their characters are genuine and endearing. - JustaBitEvil

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