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An old role player from FF checking the page.

A Roleplayer from FF?

Yes, I've been roleplaying for 11 years there, but since the page is quietly dying off, I've been looking for a new place to rp where it's not just one liners.

Your writing is weird/your grammar is bad sometimes, why?

My native language is Spanish (Latin America Spanish), so I struggle sometimes when I write. I try to fix any typos I see in my post. I also stopped roleplaying for a time thanks to University, so I'm trying to get back to write.

What do you usually rp?

Fantasy or Sci-Fi are the themes I usually go for, while romance once in a while or if the story sounds really interesting. Most of the characters I'll make are demons, devils, robots, witches, fairies or with animalistic traits. of some kinds.

Fandom-wise, just ask, but right now I'm willing to do anything related to these in specific:
    -Twisted Wonderland
    -Fairy Ranmaru
    -Fate/Grand Order
    -Genshin Impact
    -Maglam Lord (I'm weak to that stoopid good-looking cursed ring aaaah)

I do rp R-18+ Fiction, and usually do female characters or submissive males. My off-limits on that would be anything gross.

About yourself:

I've gone under other nicknames with "Cheshire" on them, I do use other variations for online games that are completely unrelated to that, however.

I don't have a particular music genre I like, I do, however, like Japanese music and listen to artists such as Eve,, TUYU, sasanomaly, Neru, Chinozo, Harumaki Gohan, Nayualien and Pinocchio-P, and bands like Mili, UK.rampage, the pillows, and ZUTOMAYO. I do have some other favorite artist, but mostly for songs in Spanish that not many may know about.

There are many things going around my house and things I need to remember constantly at the cost of forgetting others quicker, so I do take extra time to re-read the previous posts before I post anything just to make sure I'm on the same page.

I'm nearly done with University if it wasn't because of the pandemic and poor preparations on the school's part, so I'm constantly stressing over stuff from that and being anxious because the adult world is scary and talking with people outside the family is hard.

I really feel out of touch sometimes, barely really understand how to work around the forums and insert images, my school was late to the change from typewriters to the computer so I didn't really get to explore forums and such. On the other part, I can write without looking at my keyboard, can type faster than normal but hit the keys harder, and know how a typewriter operates, how to clean it and put the ink ribbons in (just, maybe not the terms in English, would need to use google translate for that).

Oh yeah, I'm open to DMs to if you want to roleplay, that too.

Anything else?

I may take a while to answer replies, but I never just poof out of existence. I also do the same- so if you're planning on leaving the roleplay, please do tell me because otherwise, I'll remain to waiting for your answer.

Why Cheshika?

Because that's how it sounds when they pronounce Jessica in the song.

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I played in one of her Halloween threads. I was impressed by the level of detail in her writing. She had a good set up that was easy to participate in for the event. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AgentMilkshake

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